Doctor of Ministry


Central Baptist Seminary offers a Doctor of Ministry program to serve and strengthen faith leaders facing the peril and opportunity of a profoundly changing culture.  Our program blends classic scholarship with innovative, practical learning and a global perspective.  Professional coaching, community clinical pastoral education and an intercultural experience with a partner school in Myanmar challenge students to bring imagination and self-awareness to ministry.

Using the cohort model, students benefit from peer learning and lifelong collegial relationships. It is designed to be accessible and responsive to students who hold the Master of Divinity degree and are fully engaged in ministry, including pastors, chaplains, program directors and other faith leaders. 

Recognizing that vibrant ministry calls for leaders at their best, Central’s D.Min. program emphasizes integration of theological reflection and practice, self-awareness, global understanding and scholarship to deepen spiritual and missional formation in both the practice of ministry and in the minister.


1.To build upon the theological foundation of the M.Div. degree and experience in ministry

2.To broaden understanding of the nature, purpose and practice of ministry for effective leadership in our global, changing, and challenging culture.

3.To strengthen skills for recognizing and analyzing communities and opportunities in order to practice faithful, excellent and enduring ministry.

4.To grow in personal, spiritual, and professional self-awareness and maturity.

5.To develop skills for mentoring and coaching new generations of healthy, courageous leaders



Central’s D.Min. degree in Congregational Health requires the successful completion of 30 credit hours.

DM601           Orientation 

MC605           Mission Minded Faith Communities

DM603           Systems Thinking I

MC601           Systems Thinking II:  Missional Faith Communities

DM609           Incarnational Theology

PC603           Community Clinical Pastoral Education

DM610           Research Methods and Project Design

PC608           Self Care and Stress Management

MC602           Mentoring, Coaching and Learning Communities for Missional Ministries

DM602           Theology and Practice of Leadership

MC607           Transformational Ministry and Adaptive Change

MC609           Entrepreneurial Ministry

MC608           Community Analysis and Engagement

DM611           Project Dissertation



DM1042         Transforming Society and Conflict

PC607           Pastoral Care Across Cultural, Ethnic and Religious Differences

PC604           Spiritual Guidance and Faith Development

PC605           Theology and Ethics of Pastoral Care

(curriculum subject to change)


SCHEDULE - 2013 Cohort

Year One

            First session:  October 5–12, 2013 (5 credit hours)

            Second session:  March 11-22, 2014, Yangon, Myanmar (3 credit hours)

            Third session:  June 23-28, 2014 (4 credit hours)

Year Two

            First session:  October 6-11, 2014 (4 credit hours)

            Second session:  February 2-7, 2015 (4 credit hours)

            Third session:  June 1-6, 2015 (4 credit hours)

Year Three

            Project dissertation:  October 2015 – September 2016 (6 credit hours)