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A Different Approach to the Master of Divinity

Societies around the globe are experiencing major and sustained change.  Amid the questions and uncertainties of such transformation God calls the people of God to new levels of creative engagement.  The need exists for leaders equipped to guide people of faith into creative discovery theologically, organizationally, and missionally. create, a Central Seminary Master of Divinity degree program launched in fall 2009, is designed to prepare leaders for such times as these.

create’s purpose is to help prepare such leaders to guide churches to embrace new visions of ministry and service for contexts that include rapid change.  This unique degree program is designed for learners called to serve God in novel ways and through highly creative means.  It emphasizes marketplace friendly concepts and language undergirded with a sound foundation in Christian theology, faith traditions, and biblical interpretation.  Innovative and creative problem solving is a core value of the program and a measure of evaluation for every learning activity.

create focuses on the ministry development of the 22-35 age group with leadership and entrepreneurial potential, and high self-motivation. This program is characterized by immersion experiences, innovative teaching, and exploration of how to incorporate natural giftedness with best practices for ministry.

Details of the create degree include:

  • Completion in 4 years
  • 75 credit hours
  • Cohort model
  • Course work unique to the create program coupled with courses foundational to biblical and theological reflection
  • Coaching and Mentoring relationships throughout the program
  • 4 basic components include creating
    • Biblical and theological competency
    • Leadership effectiveness
    • Personal effectiveness
    • Professional effectiveness
  • Team approaches
  • Building upon existing professional preparations, personality strengths, and individual capabilities
  • Learner engagement with course material outside of class via
    • Personal readings
    • Research
    • Professional internship experiences
    • Immersion experiences
    • Discussion
    • Reflection
  • A capstone experience that synthesizes the learning into a new ministry start

Minimum qualification for create: A bachelor’s degree is required. Applications for the create (Master of Divinity) are by invitation only and are not available online. Candidates accepted as create scholars will have access to significant tuition scholarship opportunities.

Selection of candidates for create will be highly competitive. For more information about this distinct Master of Divinity or to request a create application, contact Debra Sermons, Director of Recruitment at (913) 667-5711 or