Community Life

Students, faculty, and administrators work together on task groups that devise and carry out seminary procedures. Student representatives attend board meetings and some faculty meetings.  Campus activities provide opportunities to share experiences and concerns, offer support, and enhance the community life.

Central Student Ministries (CSM), the association of students at Central Seminary, plays an important role in the life of the Seminary. CSM fills its various leadership positions from among the student body and seeks to empower students for service within the immediate and external seminary communities. CSM offers students the chance to dialogue and maintain lines of communication within the seminary community during regularly scheduled meetings, dinners, and support groups. Community meals provide an opportunity for the seminary community to come together around the table. Different groups, such as Women in Ministry and Minority Student Fellowship, provide support and ministry opportunities for members of the seminary community.

Chapels and other times of worship and prayer are scheduled regularly during the academic year. These gatherings provide the seminary community a forum for expressing itself in a variety of worship styles that reflect the rich ecumenical diversity of the student body, faculty, and staff.

Various events, including picnics and holiday parties, sponsored by CSM and the Community Life Task Group enhance community fellowship for the Central Seminary community.