Central Baptist Theological Seminary Names First President for Korean Missional Church Institute

Rock ChoiThe Korean-language educational programs continue to grow as they enter their third year of operation at Central Baptist Theological Seminary (CBTS) this fall.  In recognition of the significant work he has done in building this robust program, Dr. Rock Choi has been named the first President of the Korean Missional Church Institute (KMCI).  “In a little over two years Dr. Choi has built a thriving Korean program with an emphasis in missional church studies. Central recognizes the importance of his work and celebrates his promotion!” says CBTS President Molly T. Marshall. 

“The new position with Central, from the aspect of Korean culture, is an honor to the entire Choi family.  For me personally, it is overwhelming – both the honor and the responsibility which accompanies it to share the message of the significance of the missional church movement for the Korean community. This deeply Bible-based movement reflects the ministry Jesus modeled, and I believe to follow and obey Christ means to live missionally.  That message is critical for this time in the life of the Korean Church.”  --Dr. Rock Choi, KMCI President. 

With burgeoning student numbers(representing over half of all degree-seeking students at CBTS) and increasing locations being identified for course offerings, as well as sites in Dallas and Seattle moving towards becoming accredited, degree-granting sites, CBTS has identified a need to strengthen the leadership for these programs, now under the name of the Korean Missional Church Institute. 

Dean of the Seminary Robert E. Johnson remarked, “The Korean language theological studies program enables Central to advance significantly its initiative to educate students for a global context.  This promotion both honors Dr. Choi’s achievements and provides him a better platform from which to continue his vital work.”