A Student’s Testimony: Leadership Coaching in DMin Program

I am thankful that Central Baptist Theological Seminary has included coaching as an ongoing element in its D.Min. program. It provides a unique opportunity for incorporation of fresh learnings with ongoing ministry. At a very personal level I have found the coaching relationship to be a genuine gift. As the opportunities and challenges of ministry consistently draw my focus outward, the coaching relationship offers unique and appropriate occasions for intentional reflection. Through thoughtful listening and gentle inquiry my coach provides a safe space for self-analysis and discovery.

After more than 30 years of pastoral ministry I have discovered that it is easy to fall into predictable patterns of behavior and response. Even as many of those patterns have proven to be beneficial, it is refreshing to step aside and see them in light of new situations and challenges. My coach has encouraged me to think again about some of those basic issues of my calling, commitment and giftedness. In light of fresh challenges that inevitably come from new circumstances and perspectives gained from decades of ministry, it has been good to renegotiate some of those fundamental pathways. The future has a different sort of appeal at age 60 than it did at age 30. The professional coaching provided by Central Seminary has encouraged me to regularly step aside from daily concerns and intentionally look forward to an every changing future.