Why should leadership development include a cross-cultural perspective?

MIT studentsThis March nine Central doctor of ministry students will be traveling to Myanmar (Burma) for part of their course of study.  They will be studying with their counterparts at the Myanmar Institute of Theology – the same cohort of doctor of ministry students who were on the Shawnee campus in October.  (Be sure to follow their blogs on www.cbts.edu as they reflect on the experience – starting March 12th)  But why go to the expense and effort to include this experience in the Doctor of Ministry program?

Central believes this type of collaborative, inter-cultural learning is the key to effective and relevant leadership in today’s world.  President Marshall expressed it well as she recently reflected on Central’s institutional collaboration with the Myanmar Institute of Theology:

The collaborative work between Central and Myanmar Institute of Theology is transformative for both schools.  Faculty and students are learning about contextual realities of ministry in a religious plural world, the impact of the shifting political landscape on issues of faith (both US and Myanmar), and the reality of economic disparities and educational privilege in global partnerships in a post-colonial world.  It is inter-cultural learning at its best.

While it certainly is possible to study issues in class and even encourage learners to seek out various experiences related to class discussions, there is no substitute for placing oneself in an immersive experience.  We believe the opportunity to collaborate outside of our comfort is a Godly endeavor.  With the global reality in which we live today, we cannot effectively prepare leaders if we do not provide this type of experience. 

Central recently was able to participate in the Urbana12 Student Missions Conference, a national conference for those interested in missions and cross cultural learning opportunities.  We prepared a special website for the event. See the link to that site at www.cbts.edu or scan the code see more about our commitment to collaborative global Christianity.  Also you can learn about a church clinic in Myanmar that can offer needed medical care to folks there for $1.  Help us help those is need!