President Marshall to Preach in Seoul

On Palm Sunday President Molly T. Marshall will be speaking in Seoul, Korea, as she returns to the US following a week of teaching at the Myanmar Institute of Theology.  Dr. Rock Choi, Central’s Associate Professor of Ministry Studies and Director of Korean Missional Church Studies, has made arrangements for her to make this visit as part of Central’s ongoing efforts to assist in the training of Korean speaking church leaders in the US.

Korean Bible

Central is now educating over 100 Korean-speaking students in both the Master of Divinity and Doctor of Ministry programs.  The Korean Missional Church Studies program provides a significant opportunity for Central to serve the global community of Baptists.  Dr. Choi reflected, “The Korean students are joining with Central in Shawnee or one of the other cities to share the challenges and joys of their ministries, renew their minds, and be recharged with new spirit."  These students are being taught in classes in Shawnee, Seattle, LA, and Dallas.  Soon some of these classes hope to transition to English language instruction to make room for other students in these various locations.

This engagement with Korean speaking brothers and sisters is one way Central is “doing mission” today.  As President Marshall has said, “Formerly, mission conjured the idea of Christians ‘sending’ to those places where God was unknown, where ‘civilization’ looked different from the mission society doing the sending.  In our day, the word mission conveys a much broader interpretation.”  Today doing mission involves participating with those already in our midst.  It involves a greater collaboration of spirit and a much broader understanding of sending and receiving. 

When President Marshall preaches in Seoul, she will not be taking the Gospel Story where it has not been told, she will be affirming Central’s participation with those who have already shared the Story in distant lands.