First Korean DMin Cohort Meets in Shawnee Campus

Sixteen Korean speaking students have gathered on the Shawnee campus of Central Baptist Theological Seminary for the last week and a half for the first doctor of ministry seminar of the Korean Contextualized Theological Studies program.  The program, begun last fall with master of divinity classes, is directed by Dr. Samuel Park.  There are over 50 students in the program, and the newest of these are the students on campus this week. 

This cohort is the third for Central’s new Doctor of Ministry in Congregational Health, which includes a Shawnee cohort and cohort from the Myanmar Institute of Theology, and now a Korean speaking cohort.  These newest students have come from South Korea, Venezuela, Canada, and six states within the US.  They include senior and associate church pastors, missionaries, and church planters.

Courses are being taught by Dr. Park and Dr. Ron Carlson, and have covered systems theory and the study of missional-minded congregations.  Rev. Pyoung Ohk Lee, a PhD student from Luther Seminary in St. Paul, Minnesota, has provided help with translation and is a scholar in missional church studies, which has been a bonus for contextualizing these newly introduced concepts for the Korean students.

Although the coursework has been heavy – meeting from 9:00 a.m.-9:00 p.m. every day except Sunday, the students did find time to play a game of Joku, a sort of foot volleyball, on the seminary parking lot.  They have also enjoyed time at the local hotel gathering to talk about the challenges and joys of ministry and to pray together.

This cohort will likely meet in the fall for the next set of seminars and may be joined by a second cohort.  Dr. Park dreams of beginning a Central cohort in Seoul, South Korea, in the future.