Global Christianity

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The pursuit of shared mission in our day requires that we forget old practices, e.g., the exporting of North American culture along with the gospel, the presumption that existing cultures must be stripped away for Christianity to take root, and the arrogance of educational privilege.  “What lies behind” also includes fascination with the “exotic” otherness of tribal peoples and treating them in a paternalistic way.  Repenting of these practices and “forgetting” them allows new levels of collaborative mission.

Why would Central undertake a project of this magnitude?  We believe that we cannot be faithful in our vocation in theological education without participating in global Christianity.  It is my dream that every student at Central will have a profound cross-cultural experience as a part of their seminary curriculum. Missional work does not flow in one direction as our colonial forebears assumed.  Rather, there is the prospect of mutual spiritual transformation as we learn the ways of Christ together.  We are grateful to share the pathway with these friends, both in Myanmar and here at home. -- President Molly T. Marshall

Together, we strain forward to participate in God’s mission in a world that is rapidly becoming post-colonial, a world where Christendom has been disestablished. Together, we take up the challenge of bearing the light of Christ in nations choked with competing religious and nationalistic claims.  Together, we strain forward to craft new expressions of Baptist witness that allow Christ to transform culture.