NEW! Women’s Leadership Initiative


God Calls + Women Answer =

Women’s Leadership Initiative @ Nashville

I want to find the ten best women and provide them a fully scholarshipped theological education through our create program @ Nashville.

President Molly T. Marshall

Help Central Do Something BOLD!

A Summons to Action for Empowering Women as Leaders

Fall 2014 CBTS in Tennessee

President Marshall is calling for your help. The “stained-glass ceiling” still exists.  She is calling for radical transformation of the horizon for women called to leadership in ministry and, although some significant strides have been made, there is further work to do!

Studies of leadership confirm that women have significant capacities to transform institutions when at the helm.  Baptist Women in Ministry (CBF) and American Baptist Women in Ministry have been sources of education, advocacy, and networking for women.  Yet more must be done, and Central intends to do it.

I am inviting you to recommend the best young women (aged 22-34) in your sphere of influence to become a member of the fall 2014 create cohort at Central Baptist Theological Seminary in Tennessee.  President Molly T. Marshall

Please contact President Marshall with your recommendations.  Central wants to build a remarkable cohort of women for this new horizon in theological education.  Candidates for this highly selective Master of Divinity program will receive a full tuition scholarship, a global immersion experience in Myanmar, and personal coaching from women leaders who have pierced the ceiling.