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Go.Proclaim.Serve. will be held on Saturday, April 6, 9:30 a.m.-4:00 p.m., at Central’s Shawnee campus, 6601 Monticello Road, Shawnee, KS, 66226.  One initiative of the Transformed by the Spirit Leadership Center, launched at Central on November 15, is to help churches create a culture of calling.  Des Peres Associate Professor of Congregational Health Heather Entrekin, who directs the Center, has been meeting with an ecumenical group of leaders to develop a youth event with a focus on fully living into the life God wants for God’s people.  Teams from this group are connecting with youth leaders of area churches to offer an opportunity for the youth at their church to experience a sample, at one of their church’s youth group sessions, of what will happen at Central on April 6.  The multi-church event will include worship, games, and Bible study with an emphasis on discovering what God is calling them to be and do.  It will conclude with a Gospel Slam, an opportunity for individuals or whole youth groups to share the Gospel in a creative way.  The Culture of Calling teams will be introducing the Gospel Slam idea at the youth events in area churches prior to the event on April 6 to give the youth time to work on their ideas beforehand.

It is hoped that the G.P.S. event will be the first of many for area young people.  Materials will be shared with the youth leaders who attend with their youth groups and will also be made available for those unable to attend. 

GPS - Go.Proclaim.Serve

Scripture for the day: Luke 4:14-22

Who Am I?

9:30         Registration

10:00      Opening worship

10:30      Get acquainted

What Do I Do?  Acts 9:36-43, I Peter 2:9-10

Helping students understand that gifts and passions are part of what makes them who they are.         

11:00      Gifts, Talents, Passions Exercise

12:30      Lunch

How Do I Hear God?  Matthew 7:12

Helping students experience deep listening/communication with one another.

1:30         Maze Game

2:00         Discerning Our Needs and the World’s Needs Exercise

2:45         Gospel Slam

3:45         Worship & Adjourn


Retelling the Story, Your Story through “Gospel Slam”

“Witness, Sermon, Poem, Prose, Rap, Story! Imagine an evening full of 3-minute presentations all created by teens to speak to their generation. Their words are to be rooted in the Word of God, making their unique mark on the text and telling their story.”[1]

Church youth groups will be asked ahead of time to create a message in their own words based on the Luke 4:14-22. They will be encouraged to discuss what they think the main points of the scripture are, and then create a presentation to share on April 6. This can be a rap, a poem, haiku, etc. The spoken word may be accompanied by music, drama, images or movement - keeping the main thing the main thing – original spoken word. Groups can use any materials available, including paper, newsprint, markers, etc.

Options: While we are encouraging the “spoken word” (Gospel Slam) as a shared activity, there are groups and individuals that may want to express the scripture in other ways, including creating visual art responses. 

[1]    National Festival of Young Preachers “Gospel Slam” webpage reference...