Changing, Restoring and Strengthening Lives

At present, the Metropolitan Missionary Baptist Church congregation is engaged with Communities Creating Opportunity (CCO) in issues related to restoring economic dignity amongst families, especially in impoverished areas, through an effort of capping the rate on payday lending and raising the minimum wage for workers.

In light of Central Seminary’s congregational health initiative, we would like to share with you recent news of this church’s efforts to be the agents of change in their community. 

At Metropolitan Missionary Baptist Church, where Dr. Wallace S. Hartsfield II (Fred E. Young Associate Professor of Hebrew Bible) serves as the Senior Pastor, the congregation affiliated with CCO,, in the late 1980s. CCO is a local affiliate of the Pacific Institute for Community Organization Network which trains volunteers from area congregations of all faiths in the leadership and advocacy skills required to effect the social change needed to improve the quality of life in their communities.

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