The Central Foundation

The Central Foundation

The Central Foundation will serve both to grow Central’s endowment and also to provide tools for estate planning and long-term gifting for Central. 

The Central Foundation is managed by a board made up of seminary trustees and others who are interested in helping make the work of the seminary more sustainable.  Ms. Linda Roos, a longtime trustee of the seminary, is serving as the Chair of this board.  Dr. John Gravley will serve as President, and Mr. George Townsend will serve as COO and Treasurer of the Foundation. 

All seminaries are suffering from financial fragility, and Central is no exception.  Thus we need a long-term strategy to grow a significant endowment to ensure the mission of Central into the future.  I am delighted that the Board of Trustees has authorized this initiative at a critical juncture in the seminary’s history.  The potential impact of the yield from this form of stewardship far outstrips current sources of funding.  With the able leadership of Dr. John Gravley as President of the Central Foundation and Mr. George Townsend as the COO and Treasurer, I expect enhanced financial sustainability.  —President Molly T. Marshall

We live in a time in which any institution needs to be able to steward a wide array of gifting options.  When people are ready to consider preparing for the future of their estate, an institution needs a straightforward way to help them consider how their estate could become a legacy gift for the seminary.  The Central Foundation will facilitate the development of a variety of estate gift options.  Dr. Dwight A. Neuenschwander has joined the Foundation as Senior Vice President for Development and will be assisting with Estate Planning work.

Dr. Neuenschwander was born on a wheat farm near Scott City, Kansas, in 1930.  He graduated in 1952 from Ottawa University.  Called into ministry as a college junior, his pastoral ministry has included being the Founding Pastor of four new churches in California, Oregon, and Ohio.  He served for fourteen years as a Chaplain in the U.S. Naval Reserve.  For sixteen years he served on the staff of the American Baptist Churches in the Regions of Ohio and of the Northwest. While on the staff of the Northwest Region, he served for two and a half years as the Minister of World Mission Support. Since "theoretical" retirement, he has served as an Interim Pastor in ten churches in Colorado, Nebraska, and Wyoming.  He now serves as the Minister Emeritus of the Pine Street Church, formerly the First Baptist Church of Boulder, Colorado, where he served for ten years.  He is married to Aladine Angell.

The cost to educate one student at Central is approximately $22,000 per year.  Because of Central’s commitment to keep ministry training affordable, of that amount the most a student would pay each year is around $6,000.  Most students pay even less.  That means Central needs to raise at least $16,000 per student per year.  Donors have been most generous with Central over the past years, but it is crucial to the ongoing sustainable support of Central to have more predictable funds which an endowment could produce.