Word from the President

Central President, Molly T. MarshallFor over a hundred years Central Baptist Theological Seminary has been offering a hospitable place for study for those called to serve Christ and the church. We believe that God has sustained us for the very purpose of equipping women and men for the ministries of preaching, teaching, leading, caring, and serving. We are a Baptist school by affiliation and tradition, yet we welcome those of other denominations in the Body of Christ. We are both ecumenical and evangelical, believing that in seeking to know and love God truly, we are preparing leaders to form the church as a community of grace.

We delight in the variegated tapestry God is weaving at Central: multi-cultural, diverse, and free. We seek to "receive all as Christ" and by the Spirit to kindle the spiritual gifts each brings to our common calling. We believe that community shapes identity and calling; thus, we seek to allow our shared life in worship (leitourgia), service (diakonia), and participation (koinonia) to form us after the likeness of the Triune God. We seek to be trinitarian in our shared life at Central. We believe that true identity emerges within the context of mutual respect and self-giving, which is essentially the life of God.

Hospitality marks our life at Central, which is God’s welcoming nature. God’s triune hospitality is expressed through human community. The Christian doctrine of the Trinity-a distinctive affirmation we make among the monotheistic faiths-recognizes a divine communion of persons who cooperate undividedly in all their creative, redemptive, and sanctifying work towards the world. The self-giving of the inner life of God, its perichoresis, spills over into all creation. The goal is to bring redeemed creatures into the glorious communing life that they themselves share from all eternity. We are invited to join this dance.

We pray that if you are seeking a way to undertake an intentional process of formation for vocational ministry or to deepen your life of faith that you will consider becoming a part of this community. We are seeking God together and welcome your participation.


Molly T. Marshall