Central Baptist Theological Seminary prepares women and men to transform churches and communities by educating and forming them as Christian leaders who are biblically knowledgeable, theologically articulate, spiritually healthy, humanly sensitive and professionally competent.


Founded in 1901, Central Baptist Theological Seminary recognized and responded to the need for a distinctively Baptist school to train leaders for Christian work throughout the world and especially throughout the midwestern part of the United States. This fervent conviction of the unique and necessary role which the seminary should play in the education of church leadership among Baptists has continued for over 100 years.

Central Baptist Theological Seminary stands within the Free Church tradition with a devotion to the redemptive gospel, the evangelistic mission of the Church, and to the spirit of intellectual inquiry which encourages openmindedness to the best insights of biblical and theological studies. This community strives to be both ecumenical and evangelical. To these commitments, Central Seminary adds vital concern for the continual application of Christian perspectives to the societal and systemic crises confronting our often chaotic and ever-changing world.

Begun as the dream of one man, Reverend E. B. Meredith, missionary secretary for the then Kansas State Convention, Central Seminary has educated faithful leaders for ministry in the church and the world.

Central is committed to a strong emphasis on the classical disciplines of biblical, theological, historical, and ethical studies.