CBTS_102011_0175In the Doctor of Ministry in Creative Leadership, three threads are identified that are woven into the various courses.  So what are threads?

The idea of “threaded themes” was first introduced by the seminary in the Master of Divinity curriculum launched in fall 2015.  The easiest way to think of threads is that they represent core values that are important to the seminary and are integrated into various courses.

The threads included in the Doctor of Ministry program are much more limited than those in the Master of Divinity degree since the doctoral program has a most focused approach around specific topic—developing creative leaders.  Nevertheless, the threads articulate values that are important in the formation of leaders.

The threads in the Doctor of Ministry in Creative Leadership are:

First, building upon a missional theology.  We are committed to an understanding that the people of God are involved in the work of God in the world.  This is often referred to as the missio Dei (mission of God).  This mission is being pursued not only within the walls of the church but as the people of God go about their daily work.  This may be in the marketplace, the academy, or the not-for-profit world.  Our concern is that those who are part of the degree program broaden their concept of what it means to be on mission with God.   This is both a singular and a corporate discipline.

Second, promoting inclusion and equality.  Since we believe that every person is created in the imago Dei (the image of God), creative leaders will strive to be aware of and encourage every person to use their gifts without discrimination or restriction.  True social justice will only be achieved when every person is valued and allowed to pursue their full potential.  Organizational practices and processes that advance this value are essential to creative leadership.

Third, facilitating connectivity for intentional outcomes.  Leaders do not serve in a vacuum.  They work alongside other gifted and intelligent people to accomplish the work of the Kingdom of God.   As partners in the Kingdom, each contributes something essential to the task of the community.  The role of the leader is to call out, encourage, and facilitate processes of discernment that provide opportunity for each to make her or his unique contribution.

No matter what leadership role a Doctor of Ministry student pursues, these values will make that person a more effective leader.

For information on the Doctor of Ministry in Creative Leadership, contact Ircel Harrison or Nathan Huguley.

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