The Case for Central

Central Baptist Theological Seminary has been preparing ministry leaders for the past 115 years. The reach of Central is global, and the call for creative leadership has never been more urgent—both here in the US and around the world.

Central celebrates a storied history as a graduate theological school, founded in Kansas City, KS, in 1901, one of the very first west of the Mississippi River. Generous churches and donor friends have sustained our mission over the years, because they believe we serve congregations and the larger society in transformative ways through our graduates. Because we choose to grant significant scholarships and tuition discounting to our students so that they might graduate without excessive debt, we must raise approximately 70% of our operating budget yearly through aggressive fundraising.




Over the past three years, the student population of Central has seen unprecedented growth. This last year Central was highlighted as one of the fastest growing theology schools in the US. Our current facilities cannot accommodate the demand. Students are finding the progressive, multicultural, and global ministry preparation we offer compelling. Further, Central distinguishes itself by its focus on empowering women for senior leadership and by its creative focus within the educational program.

While anchored in Kansas, Central has a national presence with extension sites in Seattle, Dallas, Ann Arbor, St. Louis, Nashville, Milwaukee, among others, and an international presence in Yangon, Myanmar. In these sites we offer three degrees: Master of Arts in Theological Studies, Master of Divinity, and Doctor of Ministry. Additionally we offer a Diploma in Theological Studies for those without baccalaureate preparation and ministry certificates for resettled refugees and other lay leaders. It is a core value of the school to grant varied opportunities for students to prepare for ministry.





At this important horizon, Central seeks to broaden its mission in four ways:
1) through capital improvements to our campus, especially classroom enhancement and the educational technology infrastructure for more accessible learning experiences;

2) through endowing all student scholarships;

3) through underwriting an unparalleled leadership development initiative for women, and,

4) through growing an endowment that will ensure long-term sustainability for Central’s unique role in forming leaders with spiritual depth who can serve the cause of the Gospel boldly.






Central seeks to prepare leaders with biblical insight, winsome theology, spiritual depth, and human sensitivity to shape a new horizon for the church for these seekers, as well as to minister to those who still find deep meaning in existing congregational life.

Central has always understood its mission as preparing leaders who can contribute to congregational health. We have also kept our eyes on the global church, realizing how important our distinctive mission remains as we equip ministry leaders to chart new horizons in faithful Christian witness.

Ensuring a viable, long-term future for Central is necessary so that we might continue to prepare women and men for seeking God, shaping church, and serving humanity. This is the unique vocation of our school, and we are devoted to fulfilling that calling.

Thank you in advance as you consider your financial support. Central Baptist Theological Seminary has always depended upon generous friends to fund our mission. We trust you believe in Central’s holy cause, also.

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