Trinitarian Soundings

The Promise of Hidden Figures

  During this Martin Luther King holiday weekend I went to see the fine movie “Hidden Figures.” Already nominated for various awards, this remarkable film recounts the story of the contribution three… Read more »

Seeking God through Community

We have just completed a wonderful week at Conception Abbey, full of learning, prayer, and table fellowship. Time shifts when there; bells and times of prayer order the rhythms, and we tend… Read more »

Abbey Bound

  On Monday about 18 of us will converge at Conception Abbey in northwestern Missouri. We will spend a week immersed in Benedictine spirituality as we learn the rhythms of prayer and… Read more »

The Grief of Our World

Carnage surrounds the birth of the child Jesus. All was not peace and good will. The Gospel reading for the first Sunday following Christmas recounts the fury of Herod and his order… Read more »

Discerning a Sign

    I must admit being a little leery of persons who see signs of divine intervention at every turn. Whether it be an open parking space, a favorite team’s victory, or… Read more »

Receiving the Unexpected

    This past Sunday was full of the finest music the season can offer. I actually got to attend two services, one here at home at Prairie Baptist, and one in… Read more »

Rejoicing in God

Protestants have never paid enough attention to Mary. During Advent and Christmas, however, we allow her briefly to be a part of our piety. We sing about her in carols that describes… Read more »

A Fresh Supply of Hope

    Hope perches in the soul of every human. (Thank you, Emily Dickinson, for the lovely imagery). Like breathing itself, it is an intrinsic practice that sustains life. When reflecting on… Read more »

Keeping Awake

One of my favorite cartoons depicts two little creatures watching the ark pull away from the shore. One remarks to the other, “Oh, shoot. Was that today?” Apparently they are the only… Read more »

The Limited Rule of Human Leaders

Every pastor and writer has been seeking appropriate words to interpret the post-election malaise or ebullience, and each seeks to galvanize empathy, healing, and ways forward for the common good. One of… Read more »

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