Trinitarian Soundings

The Strength of a Pastor

  Yesterday was Clergy Appreciation Day, and many churches found ways to honor their pastors.  While this may be more a construction of Hallmark than the liturgical calendar, it is a fine… Read more »

Testing God

    The study of the Hebrew language did not come easily to me.  Perhaps it was because I waited until my final year of seminary to take it; perhaps it was… Read more »

Does Everything Really Happen for a Reason?

  Among some Christians you will often hear the aphorism: “Everything happens for a reason.”  Really?  How in the wake of hurricanes, internally displaced persons, floods, earthquakes, and shattered infrastructures does one… Read more »

Survivors’ Guilt

We hear quite a bit about survivors’ guilt these days.  A neighbor’s house has a tree through the roof, while yours was spared.  A soldier walks behind another; the one in the… Read more »

A Jubilee Marriage

Fifty years holds a special significance in the Bible.  After 49 years, there was to be a sabbatical year, a year of rest, liberty, justice, forgiveness, and renewed attention to family. The… Read more »

God’s Engagement in History

Determining how God is at work in history is one of the hardest theological challenges.  People of faith pray for deliverance, trusting God to hold back the waters of the sea or… Read more »

Our Mission as a Seminary

  Central’s faculty spent concentrated time at Conception Abbey this past weekend.  Our annual faculty retreat is the time when we take stock of all the ways we are pursuing the academic… Read more »

In the Pathway of Totality

  It is rather hard to write with eclipse glasses on this morning.  I prefer to prepare early! Like many others, I have anticipated this day with a sense of foreboding and… Read more »

Is Unity Possible?

Violence erupted in a staid university town this weekend, and the symbolism of the white supremacists was startling.  A Nazi swastika alongside the Confederate “stars and bars” was a mash-up, to be… Read more »

God’s Provision of Renewal

  Many preachers took up the Isaiah 55 passage yesterday, proclaiming the abundant provision of God for all that sustains life.  The invitation is almost too good to be true! Not only… Read more »

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