Trinitarian Soundings

Celebrating Judson Day

July 13, 1813, is the day the Judsons arrived in Burma, and many there continue to celebrate the day.  Because of the many resettled people from Burma (Myanmar) now present in the… Read more »

Finding Our Birthright

The Old Testament lesson for this coming Sunday is the tumultuous story of Esau and Jacob, the twins who struggled from birth. Favoritism and deceit figure prominently in the narrative, and the… Read more »

Resourcing Our Mission

             At two year intervals, seminary Presidents and Deans gather for the Association of Theological Schools biennium.  This year we met in Pittsburgh, a metropolis that has rebounded from a moribund… Read more »

Welcoming a Prophet

 In Matthew 10, Jesus offers an enigmatic statement, “Whoever welcomes a prophet in the name of a prophet will receive a prophet’s reward; and whoever welcomes a righteous person in the name… Read more »

Exegeting an Icon

Yesterday was Trinity Sunday and, surprisingly, many Baptist churches celebrate the significance of this liturgical demarcation.  Coming the week following Pentecost, this Sunday is the church’s way of saying the fullness of the… Read more »

Inspiring the Whole Creation

As the global church once again celebrates Pentecost, it is important to think of the expansive presence and work of the Spirit.  We know that the experience of the early disciples in Jerusalem… Read more »

Ascending to God

The final scene in Luke’s Gospel is the blessing and departure of Jesus. The ascension concludes his earthly ministry, and his disciples seem ready to proclaim the astounding news of his resurrection, having… Read more »

Commencing a New Chapter

“Graduation Saturday” dawned with bright, crisp weather and hopeful expectations.  Central’s largest graduating class in years was poised to receive their diplomas and degrees, and the day did not disappoint.  As a seminary community… Read more »

Asking for Everything

Twice a year I spend time with other leaders of theological schools—all women—for professional development and fellowship.  We call ourselves the WiTS (Women in Theological Schools), and we pray that we will… Read more »

Having Things in Common

A seminary depends upon faithful friends to sustain its mission.  This past week, members of the President’s Circle gathered in San Antonio to get to know one another, celebrate what Central has… Read more »

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