Trinitarian Soundings

Rejoice Always

  The Third Sunday of Advent is at hand, and the flicker of the pink candle will join the two already burning.  We will read texts filled with phrases about the joy… Read more »

Myanmar Institute of Theology at 90

  A school that began in 1927 with three students now has nearly 1300 in its varied academic programs.  Formerly led by Northern Baptists, Myanmar Institute of Theology has persevered through name… Read more »

Praying with the Suffering

In the past couple of days, we have visited churches, the Kachin Baptist Convention, a camp for Internally Displaced Persons, two drug rehabilitation centers, two theological schools, and the Fountain of Love… Read more »

Advent as Protest

The first two Sundays of Advent focus on hope and peace, without which we cannot fully live.  Hope is a gift of the Spirit, poured into our hearts as an ever- flowing… Read more »

Liminal Existence

Yesterday we finished the Christian year by celebrating the Reign of Christ.  Next Sunday, we begin the season of Advent, eagerly embracing the rituals that prepare us to receive the infant of… Read more »

What God’s Family Looks Like

  First Baptist Turner has been a steady presence in Kansas City, Kansas, since 1857.  Founded on the frontier, it still sees itself as a frontier presence because of its willingness to… Read more »

Deborah and Complementarian Foolishness

Preachers often avoid lectionary texts from Judges as they are not sure what to do with stories of violence (Samson), testing God (Gideon), and an ill-conceived vow to the LORD (Jephthah), to… Read more »

Saints Among Us

Each of us is the result of numerous interactions with those who flow through our lives. We, like God, are constituted by relationships of self-giving, attentiveness, and receptivity.  Parents, siblings, grandparents, spouses,… Read more »

Are Baptists Still Reforming?

  Many churches around the globe celebrated the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther’s radical upheaval of medieval Catholicism.    What he set in motion on October 31, 1517, as he posted his 95… Read more »

We Care About Our City

    When Central moved from Kansas City, Kansas, which had been its home for 105 years, some critics (and faithful friends) thought this meant we were turning our back on urban… Read more »

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