Trinitarian Soundings

Created in Christ for Good Works

Lent is not only about contemplation; it is also about doing the good purposed for us by God. We were “created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand to… Read more »

Foolish Signs of Wisdom

As we journey deeper into Lent, our lectionary texts, especially the Gospel, turn sharply toward those precipitating events that lead to the cross. We read these narratives with assurance of how the… Read more »

The Righteousness of Faith

Even though Lent reminds us that we are not righteous, the Bible tells us stories of exemplars of faithful living and trust that God counts as righteous. Abraham was not blessed because… Read more »

Frail Children of Dust

Ash Wednesday invites us to consider we are frail and mortal, with limited days upon the earth. “Remember that you are dust and to dust you shall return.” We hear these words… Read more »

God’s Expansive Covenant

Postmodernity has challenged us to consider whether the world has a coherent metanarrative; indeed, can the claim of Christianity to interpret the whole of the human story from creation until the present… Read more »

Transfiguring Identity

Transfiguration Sunday concludes the Season after the Epiphany, which is all about light—stunning, shimmering, flickering, blazing, sparkling, illuminating, and revealing. God’s light has broken into the world in the person of Jesus,… Read more »

Holy Land, Home, and Exile

Once again the American Jewish Committee and The Shalom Hartman Institute convened scholars of the Christian Leadership Initiative for a symposium. Alums of this program who have spent about 10 days as… Read more »

From Whom All Being Comes

After completing my work on a new educational initiative in Yangon, Myanmar, I traveled north to the ancient city of Bagan. Between the 11th and 13th centuries, kings and wealthy patrons constructed… Read more »

Navigating Difference

My colleague Julie Kilmer, theologian and ethicist, and I are in Myanmar for a consultation with Myanmar Institute of Theology. We are here under the auspices of the Arcus Foundation, which advocates… Read more »

Hungering for the Sacramental

Our week at the Abbey “filled the hungry with good things.” We return refreshed, with quieter hearts and a spirit of peace. We also return with new resolve to bring balance to… Read more »

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