Trinitarian Soundings

Open Letter to Constituents of Central

  Recent months have arguably witnessed more racial tension than during the strife of the 1960’s. Many tripwires set off confrontation between citizens and police and point to systemic problems in educational… Read more »

Women Claiming Their Rightful Place

I had one of those uh-oh moments as I returned to the KC airport on Saturday. I exited my bathroom stall only to see a rather bewildered man standing there. Without too… Read more »

Ongoing Resurrection

In this tender and joyous season following Easter, biblical texts about the appearances of the Risen Christ and mighty works done in his name predominate. Images of the good shepherd, the self-giving… Read more »

Meeting and Eating with the Risen Christ

  The resurrected Christ does surprising things, things so familiar that the disciples recognize him; things so beyond their experience that they are astonished. When Jesus unexpectedly appears in their midst, he… Read more »

Resurrected Living

On Holy Saturday, the Wall Street Journal featured an interview with Jean Vanier, founder of the L’Arche communities, which serve the disabled “in a world seeking perfect babies,” Vanier said. He describes… Read more »

Costly Love

  I attended a real western gala in San Antonio over the weekend, replete with boots, hats, denim covered with rhinestones, and other faux cowboy/cowgirl apparel. I had to borrow appropriate clothes,… Read more »

Palms and Passion

  One of the teaching methods in Incarnational Theology is to watch a truncated version of the Gospel of John. The biblical words provide the script, and the vivid images of familiar… Read more »

Holy Conversations

  As a part of the Incarnational Theology seminar, Dr. Heather and I use a case study method to foster intercultural conversation about the nature of ministry. Each student presents a ministry… Read more »

Opening Our Hearts

Last evening we said goodbye to the create students, and they began their long journey home. They have been “encountering the world” with empathetic eyes, and the imprint of this pilgrimage will… Read more »

Created in Christ for Good Works

Lent is not only about contemplation; it is also about doing the good purposed for us by God. We were “created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand to… Read more »

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