Trinitarian Soundings

Discerning the Mind of Christ

This past week at the Baptist World Alliance I offered a paper on a Baptist practice of congregational discernment.  I probed what method for reading Scripture with the Spirit could guide a… Read more »

Remembering Her Story

  I am attending the 9thBaptist International Conference on Theological Education, sponsored by the Baptist World Alliance, held in Nassau, The Bahamas.  The theme, “TogetHER: Re-Imagining, Re-Reading HERstory in the Church,” has… Read more »

Whose side is God on?

  My Sunday School class has been studying Jeremiah for the last several weeks. We usually hear these searing texts in Advent, but out of lectionary season, we soldier on. This prophet… Read more »

Gatherings of Baptists

  If attendance at Baptist meetings gets one a better venue for the life to come, I will surely be fortunate.  Back to back gatherings of CBF in Alabama and then ABC… Read more »

Living in Two Realms as Christians

  This past week members of Central’s Women’s Leadership Initiative and three faculty members held a joint conference with pastoras of the Fraternity of Baptist Churches in Cuba. (We probably should have renamed it… Read more »

Transculturalism – Creating Unity within Diversity

Dr. Patricia Griffen, a clinical psychologist in Little Rock, AR, and a Central board member, accompanied the Women’s Leadership Initiative to Cuba.  At my request she offers this fine reflection on a… Read more »

The Cry for Liberation

  The story of Cuba as told by Cubans is very different than the narrative offered by the U.S. America has long overshadowed Cuba with its vast military power, its store of resources,… Read more »

Fully Alive in the Spirit

  Pentecost is approaching, and the church’s reflection on the Holy Spirit will shine brightly for a brief interlude in the Christian year. Clergy will get out their red stoles and paraments,… Read more »

Transcending Sectarian Divides

  Christians, sadly, are known more for sectarian divides than for unity in the Body of Christ.  That is why there are so many ecclesial families, independent churches, and fractured relationships scattered… Read more »

The 117th Commencement

  The Saturday deluge did not dampen the joy of Central’s commencement service.  We even managed to get outdoor pictures before the sky opened with heavy rain. It was quite the gathering… Read more »

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