Trinitarian Soundings

Declaring a National Emergency

  Without constitutional power to do so, I am declaring a national emergency.  It is not about “The Wall”; more accurately, it is about a governing system so broken that underpaid government… Read more »

Crafting a Rule for Life

One of the exercises I require for the Benedictine Spirituality course is for each learner to craft a rule for life.  Rather than a set of “rules,” a rule is more like… Read more »

Baptists among the Benedictines

Conception Abbey will welcome a good contingent from Central during the first week of January. Every other year for the past two decades I have taken a group there for an immersion… Read more »

Being Pregnant with God

We know the familiar story. We question it less than Mary because we don’t have to risk anything, really.  She is the one with the problem, the urgency of new life without clear… Read more »

Jesus Draws the World Together

“Drawing the World Together” Advent Blog Series   I get some of the most interesting mail!  Sometimes it is a person who wants to tell me of what he has discovered in… Read more »

Yearning for Joy

  Yesterday the choir at my home church, Prairie Baptist, performed The Messiah.  They have spent months in preparation—much longer than the 24 days it took Handel to write it in 1741…. Read more »

Those Who Sit in Darkness

  Darkness cloaks our days. We go to work before the sun is up, and we return home with our car lights on as the shortened days are at hand. We do our best… Read more »

Doing Righteousness

  Once again we begin the new liturgical year as we observe Advent, and we are troubled. Thousands of determined people seeking asylum are lined up at the southern border of the… Read more »

Practicing Gratitude

  Gratitude does not flow out of happiness; rather, gratitude creates happiness, according to Diana Butler Bass.  It is an essential practice that positions us to receive life’s blessings and burdens with… Read more »

What Shall We Talk about at Thanksgiving Dinner?

  Soon we will gather at tables laden with Thanksgiving’s feast, and we wonder what we can really talk about. Many families split the ticket in their political commitments, and we can… Read more »

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