Trinitarian Soundings

Saying Yes, Saying No

  The Association of Theological Schools is sponsoring a Women in Leadership Initiative. The primary focus of this program is pairing more experienced seminary presidents/deans with emerging leaders. I have been participating… Read more »

Naming the Unspeakable

  I have been following the events in the Rakhine State for many months now as the Rohingya crisis has been escalating precipitously. A recent UN report calls for the military leaders… Read more »

Regarding the Faithful

  It was a beautiful time to be in the Rockies as golden stands of Aspen illuminated the forest green of the pines.  Gurgling creeks rejoiced as they tumbled down rocky inclines,… Read more »

Giving Account of Ourselves

Today is the day.  For over two years Central has been preparing for the visit of a team from the Higher Learning Commission, one of the two accrediting organizations of the seminary…. Read more »

Faith and Curiosity

  Quite a bit of interest in curiosity suffuses business journals and higher education essays these days.  The Harvard Business Review devoted a good chunk of its most recent issue to making… Read more »

Women Subverting the Dominant Narrative

  Last evening, I viewed the CNN documentary on Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, or more recently known as Notorious R.B.G.  What this woman has done for women’s legal status in America… Read more »

Let Mercy Have the First Word

I recently read of an address to seminary graduates in which the speaker felt inspired to urge them to let mercy go first in their ministry.  He put it this way: “Let… Read more »

Why the Evangelical Silence about the Denigration of Women of Color?

During Central’s recent faculty retreat, I sat down with Dr. Wallace S. Hartsfield II, who holds the Fred E. Young Chair of Hebrew Bible at Central. He also serves as pastor of… Read more »

Desiring Wisdom

It was a favorite Sunday School lesson, and we relished hearing it repeatedly.  The story of God appearing to young Solomon as he assumes the kingship of Israel reminded us of what… Read more »

Hoping in God

  I have just returned from Conception Abbey where the Psalter is the staple of prayer.  Every two weeks the monastic community prays through all 150 Psalms.  All the emotions of the… Read more »

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