Trinitarian Soundings

God’s Mixing Bowl

  Downtown Overland Park was teeming with people on Saturday morning.  Families, many with babies in strollers, crowded under the clock tower for the festivities. The Korean Association of Kansas City was… Read more »

Take Courage for the Future

Tomorrow is election day around our nation, and we are deciding what priorities we will support.  Many are concerned about climate change, healthcare, support of local schools, and immigration policies.  It matters… Read more »

Saints are Those Blessed

  Christians have long confessed their belief in the communion of saints, as the Apostles’ Creed instructs. Baptists have an increasingly robust theology of the saints, thanks to scholars like Paul S…. Read more »

Finishing Well

The concluding remarks of Paul in 2 Timothy bear a special poignance.  He speaks of his “life being poured out on the altar, and the hour for my departure is upon me”… Read more »

Keep Praying and Don’t Lose Heart

Our political times may make us wonder how to pray for our leaders, how to pray for peace, and how to advocate for just policies when re-election concerns seem to trump bold… Read more »

The Annual Gathering at Cross Wind

  Baptists of the Central Region gather early in October each year to worship, conduct business, and inspire others to not grow weary in well doing.  Usually there are some weather surprises—this… Read more »

The Vision Awaits Its Time

    I spent yesterday in the company of the good folk of First Baptist Church, Dayton, Ohio.  A historic downtown church, it exudes intentional welcome, thoughtful worship, and hopeful imagination. Pastor-theologian… Read more »

Rekindle the Gift

  On Saturday and Sunday Prairie Baptist held a retreat to think about the future of our church. Like so many other congregations, finances and facilities and an aging donor base conspire to… Read more »

A Social Justice Revival

  It was like no other revival I have been to, yet it could rightly be called one.  Yesterday afternoon a great group of us gathered at First Baptist Church, Kansas City,… Read more »

Seeking after God

In Psalm 14 we read these words: “God looks down from heaven on humankind to see if there are any who are wise, who seek after God.”  This is the psalm that… Read more »

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