Trinitarian Soundings

When in Our Music . . .

  I am spending the week at Green Lake, WI, for the Fellowship of American Baptist Musicians conference. I am the “worship clinician,” which means I preach each morning and one evening, offer… Read more »

Our Inheritance in Christ

I worry these days about the erosion of Christian witness.  People line up on different sides of issues, always claiming that Scripture and tradition support their view. They prize certitude over faith…. Read more »

God’s Many Children

Over a brief weekend vacation, I attended worship at the magnificent Cathedral Basilica of Saint Louis. Built at the turn of the last century, this mosaic-laden Romanesque structure is not only a destination… Read more »

Tuning a Public Voice

  A statement by Barbara Wheeler, former president of Auburn Seminary, continues to haunt me: “Most seminaries are invisible on the social landscape.”  The public is not sure what a seminary is,… Read more »

Not Accepting the Grace of God in Vain

I have just returned from the annual CBF gathering where this tributary of the Baptist family flowed into the future. More women in leadership; more minority voices; more focus on those in… Read more »

Leadership in a Multicultural Context

Several Central leaders will head to Dallas this week for the CBF gathering.  This is always a joyful time of reunion, making connections, and learning from ministry partners.  We will be present… Read more »

The Challenge of Wise Governing

The historical books in the Hebrew Bible narrate the challenges of those who would reign over the people of God.  Having a monarch was not the only form of governing. Liberating Israel from… Read more »

Can the Holy Spirit Make You Do Weird Things?

Baptists—and other ecclesial kin—have been a bit suspicious of the Spirit.  In a conference in a church in Missouri a few years ago, I asked persons to write down their questions about… Read more »

Celebrating Central’s 116th Commencement

  It is hard to pack more into the second week of May than Central does.  Board members begin arriving on Wednesday, and the pace accelerates until Saturday afternoon.  It is a… Read more »

Pruned, It Grows Again

Over the years I have kept a small watchword on my desk: Succisa Virescit, which means “pruned, it grows again.”  I meditated on this phrase as our school underwent significant workforce reduction… Read more »

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