Trinitarian Soundings

The 117th Commencement

  The Saturday deluge did not dampen the joy of Central’s commencement service.  We even managed to get outdoor pictures before the sky opened with heavy rain. It was quite the gathering… Read more »

The Mothering God

  Mother’s Day 2019 is now in the books, and each of us has attempted in a nuanced way to honor those who have nurtured us, to come alongside those for whom… Read more »

Fish, Fire, and Forgiveness

  Yesterday I preached at one of my favorite churches, New Millennium Church in Little Rock, Arkansas.  A comfortable mix of black and white, the church is only ten years old, and… Read more »

Doing Church in a New Land

  One can hardly think of Central Seminary these days without considering our global connections. Not only do we welcome many international students to learn with us, we have a special relationship… Read more »

The Resurrecting Power of God

  Martin Luther famously said, “Not only is resurrection written in the Bible, but in every leaf of springtime.”  The beauty all around us testifies to the truth that the whole earth… Read more »

The Final Week

We have traveled the Lenten pathway since ashes were smeared on our foreheads, and now we follow Jesus in the drama of his final week.  Each Gospel offers its perspective on the… Read more »

Remembering One of the Saints

On Saturday morning we said our final goodbyes to Dr. Henry R. Moeller who served at Central for over 50 years.  Passing himself off as a simple Iowa farm boy, he was… Read more »

Watching with Jesus

We find ourselves at the very midpoint of Lent, bracing ourselves to enter more fully into the passion of Jesus prior to the rejoicing of Easter.  Without the darkness and sense of… Read more »

Exegeting the Heart with the Psalter

  Each day of Lent, Conception Abbey has been sending a Psalm, accompanied by commentary and then a prayer. As a part of my Lenten discipline I have been reading these daily messages… Read more »

Beginning Lent in Myanmar

  My time in Myanmar has coincided with the beginning of Lent this year.  There were no ashes for my forehead, but there was dust aplenty, reminding me that as a frail… Read more »

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