Receive. Reflect. Respond. Repeat.

How much is enough?

No, really. How much is enough? It is an excellent question for seminarians to consider. Central has been seeking answers to the economic challenges facing future ministers, and this week I am… Read more »

Money & Meaning

I’ve been reading a wide variety of books in 2016, but none has impacted me quite as much as “The Soul of Money” by Lynne Twist. The book has so inspired me… Read more »

Bi-Vocational by Choice

When folks in ministry circles learn that I serve bi-vocationally in the contexts of a local church and a theological school, they inevitably ask, “Did you choose bi-vocational ministry?” Implied in the… Read more »

Do Good or Default?

Reading a wide variety of online resources like blogs, news articles, and online magazines is a regular part of my daily routine. Some resources are useful and others simply entertaining. Most do… Read more »

What’s in a name?

Recently, I shared my wholehearted support for the bi-vocational ministry model. I believe it is a healthy, viable option for both ministers and the congregations they serve. However, after I wrote that… Read more »

Bi-Vocational: Mission Impossible?

Recently, I participated in a wonderful gathering of diverse ministers and laypersons who were called together to discuss economic challenges facing future ministers. The conversation was both broad and deep, for each… Read more »

Researching Debt & Income

    Central’s Economics of Ministry: From Classroom to Congregation initiative seeks answers to that very question through a research project, collaborative partnerships, and educational initiatives. Our research into educational debt and… Read more »

Happy New Budget!

Another year has been relegated to history. Here we are with a new year in which to share the gospel of Jesus Christ through our own church’s story. We’ve been given the… Read more »

Money Matters

Most church folks, even ministers, despise money talk. In many congregations, silent avoidance has been the preferred method for addressing economic issues like appropriate pastoral compensation and the cost an educated clergy…. Read more »

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