Dollars and Sense

Planning for 2019 and Beyond

Many of our students serve congregations while in seminary. One of their great challenges is learning to advocate for fair compensation and to understand all the details of clergy taxes. In financial… Read more »

Stewardship is Always in Season

Our calendars proclaim a new season, and here in the American Midwest creation has joined the chorus. Temperatures and humidity have dropped to much more comfortable levels, and the air is crisp… Read more »

ABC Clergy Discover Courage Is Primary for Financial Leadership

By Rev. Dr. Angela Barker Jackson What financial tools and practices prepare ministers for thriving? This was the primary question for my recently completed Faith, Finances, and Flourishing research project that sprang from a… Read more »

Faith, Finances, and Flourishing

By Angela Barker Jackson Money & Ministry Program Director  While the subject of money may be somewhat taboo in social circles and faith communities, its presence is constant. Money impacts nearly every… Read more »

Resource #1: Money and Possessions

Happy 2018! Once again, we welcome this season of fresh starts, new resolve, and radical re-commitments. As part of my own renewed dedication to write with increasing frequency and share what I’ve… Read more »

Financial Coaching for Ministry Formation

Meet Scotti and Amber Simpson, a married couple completing their first year of seminary. They have taken full advantage of the Money & Ministry Program services by engaging financial coaching together. Scotti… Read more »

Wrestling with Worry

I finally know what distinguishes man from other beasts: financial worries. – Jules Renard Who among you by worrying can add a single moment to your life? – Jesus (Matthew 6:27) If… Read more »

Let’s talk about money!

Perhaps money is the elephant in your sanctuary, in your boardroom, in your sermon prep time, or in your family room. Whether we acknowledge it or not, our relationship with money informs… Read more »

Central Offers Grants to Fund Student Ministries

How can a seminary encourage and empower its students to dream, plan, and launch new ministry initiatives? Offer them grant-writing instruction and an opportunity to win funding for their ministries! The result:… Read more »

Financial Wellness for Thriving Ministry

Financial challenges, both personal and congregational, limit a minister’s capacity for thriving in ministry. These challenges are diverse and include any or all of the following: financial illiteracy, debt stress, diminishing resources,… Read more »

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