John W. Gravley, D.Min.

Vice President Institutional Advancement

Phone: (913) 667-5740


Dr. John W. Gravley

Prior to coming to Central, Dr. Gravley served with ABC International Ministries as a missionary for almost nine years in Hong Kong.  While there he helped two local partner churches and the mission localize a long time educational and social service ministry.  He served on a hospital and social service board and offered support and encouragement to leaders of the Swatow Baptist churches and chapels.

The years of working in a very different culture and a different language helped prepare him for his work at Central.  He has experienced first hand how cross cultural immersion experiences can be life changing and transformative.  He also came to appreciate the wonderful challenges associated with cross cultural engagement.

I grew up in a very warm small environment.  I had no idea how much my world would change when I decided to participate in a two year mission experience between college and graduate school.  The world opened up to me in an exciting way.  I am extremely grateful for that opportunity and hope to help others to have the same kind of experience.”

Dr. Gravley served as Chaplain at Ottawa University, served as a Chaplain/CPE Resident, Associate Pastor, and Youth Pastor.  He loves running and participates in two half marathons a year.  And he loves to travel.

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