Contextualized Learning

The goal of contextualized learning at Central Baptist Theological Seminary is to help students connect the information that they learn in a classroom setting to the realities of ministry and service in the 21st Century. A simpler way of saying this is contextualized learning seeks to help students “live what they learn.”

Whether a student desires to serve a body of believers within a traditional church setting or serve the urban poor through a nonprofit social service agency or a ministry or business, contextualized learning seeks to help students and alumni bridge the divide between theory and reality.

How can the contextualized learning staff at Central help you?
• If you are a student at Central, we can help you identify an internship opportunity where you will earn academic credit.
• If you are an alumnus of Central, we can help you locate relevant full or part-time ministry opportunities.
• If you are a member of an organization that is seeking qualified applicants for a staff or ministry vacancy, we can connect you with capable people to fill your needs.

For more information about sharing a ministry opportunity or internship opportunity with Central students, or finding out about internship and ministry opportunities, please contact the Director of Contextualized Learning, Dr. Terrell Carter. For a current listing of available internship and ministry opportunities, please check below:

7-11-18 ministry opportunities

6-7-18 ministry opportunities (additional opportunties- Intern ABC Baugh- 2018, Residential Specialist Live In-mbch, Residential Specialist-LH 5-18)

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