Catalogs & Handbooks

Academic Catalog

The academic catalog is a record of important academic information such as programs, grading and policies.  It is important for each students to familiarize themselves with its contents.

2020-2021 Academic Catalog and Student Handbook (pdf)

2020-2021 Academic Calendar (pdf)


Archived Catalogs

2019-2020 Academic Catalog and Student Handbook (pdf)

2019-2020 Academic Catalog ADDENDUM (pdf)

2018-2019 Academic Catalog and Student Handbook (pdf)

2017-2018 Catalog and Student Handbook (pdf)
2015-2017 Catalog (pdf)
2014-2015 catalog (pdf)
2014-2015 TN catalog (pdf)
2011-2013 WI catalog (pdf)
2011-2013 TN catalog (pdf)
2011-2013 catalog (pdf)
2009-2011 catalog (pdf)
2007-2009 catalog (pdf)
2006-2007 catalog (pdf)
2005-2006 catalog (pdf)
2002-2004 catalog (pdf)
2000-2002 catalog (pdf)
1998-2000 catalog (pdf)
1997-1998 catalog (pdf)
1995-1997 catalog (pdf)


Student Handbook (pdf)
Ministry Praxis Handbook (pdf)

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