Master of Divinity

If you are ready to pursue a graduate degree in theology, consider the Master of Divinity program offered at Central Seminary.

Pursue Your Master of Divinity Degree at Central Seminary

If you are ready to pursue a graduate-level degree in theology, consider the Master of Divinity program offered at Central Seminary. The MDiv program is designed to help students move into pastoral and church leadership roles. Students who currently work outside a church setting can use this program to qualify for higher-level positions in faith-based organizations. Whether your path towards God is fueled by leading a congregation or spearheading a non-profit mission in another part of the world, we can help you actualize your aspirations through our Master of Divinity degree program.

Continue reading to learn more about the MDiv program and the benefits of earning your graduate seminary degree at Central Seminary. If you are ready to ask questions or want to request more information, contact us today so we can learn more about your goals and help you determine the next best steps you should take.



Participate in classes only two nights a week to be a full-time student.



Take a few classes each term to complete your degree in four years.



Excellent tuition rates, scholarships, and payments plans make your education affordable.

Complete your Master of Divinity (MDiv) Online

Students have the option of earning their Master of Divinity in a 100% online setting. Our online education platform is innovative and personable. You can easily connect with your instructors and peers, submit coursework, and participate in classroom conversations in real time, without leaving your home.

Master of Divinity Program Overview

The MDiv at Central Seminary can be a good fit for students who want to develop a deeper knowledge of theological studies while seeking personal growth and mastering applied ministry skills. Upon completion, students should be able to perform effective ministry functions using the competencies gained through the four main pillars of the program: interpretation, contextualization, performance, and formation. The Master of Divinity program places an emphasis on helping students improve the way they perform, communicate, and practice with integrity. As a result, students can translate their knowledge and personal spiritual journey into a ministry that is engaging and results in positive, life-giving outcomes.

Becoming theologically articulate is one of the essential components of effective ministry-based work. Having comprehensive biblical knowledge and a strong understanding of Christian heritage is at the core of your ministry practice. The curricula will guide you through understanding and interpreting the Bible and Christian Ethics in ways you can apply to modern ministry. Students also take courses that cover media, creativity, innovation, and leadership topics that help you contextualize your knowledge to improve your ministry performance.

The Master of Divinity can be combined with the Graduate Certificate in Chaplaincy. With a few extra classes, students can earn the certificate and the degree. View the course list below for the requirements.

Purpose & Outcomes

The Master of Divinity degree forms and equips innovative leaders who will serve both within and outside traditional structures and boundaries of Christian ministry and service.

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the Master of Divinity degree the student will be able to:

  • Demonstrate competencies needed for managing the ongoing vitality and relevance of faith traditions amid varied settings.
  • Demonstrate spiritual growth and self-awareness through the application of ministry1 knowledge and skills, religious commitment, and professional integrity.
  • Demonstrate masters-level skills for discovering understanding and meaning from within the ambiguity and complexity of human experience and knowledge.
  • Harmonize interpretation, contextualization, and formation pillar competencies with performance skills, techniques, and arts to improve ministry and adership practices.
  • Harmonize competencies gained via the interpretation, contextualization, performance, and formation pillars in order to expand and perfect public practices of ministry and leadership.

In addition the student will reflect appreciation for certain human and vocational values presented as threaded themes throughout the Master of Divinity curriculum:

  • Affirms the vocational call of all persons regardless of gender.
  • Understands sexual identity in terms of personhood in addition to culturally specific categories.
  • Teaches and embodies racial diversity so that the personhood of all individuals is honored in all community contexts.
  • Values and practices the inclusion of all individuals regardless of the uniqueness of their abilities in all community and worship contexts.
  • Understands and interprets Christianity in multicultural and global categories.
  • Engages in constructive dialogue, growth in mutual understanding across religious traditions, and creates connective ministry opportunities.
  • Discerns situations and contexts strategically in order to lead organizations to find innovative initiatives for the transformation of communities.
  • Recognizes oppressive systems in order to challenge them with appropriate biblical, theological, and ethical responses.
  • Understands creation in ways that provide for the sustainability of the environment and stewardship of creation.
  • Expresses creativity and originality in worship and praxis in contextually appropriate ways.
  • Articulates individual ideas, organizational mission, community activities, and Christian conviction in clear and effective ways, including the creative use of communication media.

Courses & Schedule

Languages Offered In: English

Program Length: 75 credits - 4 years (full-time status = 6 or more credits per term)

Calendar: Three 12-week terms per academic year

New students can begin in any term. Terms begin in August, January, or May.

Required Courses

Foundations for Seminary Studies
Theological Foundations I
Theological Foundations II
Christian Ethics
Caring Ministries
Biblical Interpretation
Hebrew Bible I
Hebrew Bible II
New Testament I
New Testament II
Christian Heritage I
Christian Heritage II
Ministry in a Pluralistic World
Missional Imagination
Foundations for Ministry Leadership & Innovation
Practice of Ministry Leadership & Innovation
Creativity in Public Ministries
Media for Ministry Development
Interpersonal Skills
The Art of Worship Leadership
Contextual Learning – Formation
Contextual Learning – Cross-Cultural
Contextual Learning – Public Practice

Add the following classes to complete the Graduate Certificate in Chaplaincy in addition to the MDiv degree:

Introduction to Chaplaincy
Chaplaincy in Hospice and Elder Care
The Helping Relationship

Tuition & Fees

Tuition - $365 per credit

Registration Fee - $250 per term

Graduation Fee - $200

(Amounts shown are for academic year 2020-2021 and only represent basic costs. Consult the current academic catalog for complete financial information.)

Benefits of Earning Your MDiv at Central Seminary

There are several reasons why students choose to earn their graduate-level education at Central Seminary. With our approach to technology-enhanced learning, busy individuals can pursue their theological education while keeping up with their current responsibilities. We also work to ensure our programs are affordable while helping students map financial aid strategies that make sense for each individual. Compare the cost and benefits of Central Seminary, and you will understand why we include a global community of students with a shared purpose of serving humanity.

Multiple Professional & Spiritual Paths for Graduates

As you work through this program, you will become exposed to a new world of knowledge and relevant ministry experiences that can inspire your next steps. Upon completion, many graduates pursue pastor, chaplaincy, and minister roles. Chaplains can work with hospital patients, inmates, military, law enforcement, and within many types of professional organizations and academic institutions. As a minister, you have just as many options, whether you want to work with at-risk youth, adults with addiction issues, or another population in need. As you earn your MDiv at Central Seminary, you will use your education and capstone project to propel you towards the role you desire.

Take the Next Step Towards Your Master of Divinity

We work with students from all over the world with unique paths towards spiritual discernment. Let us help you create a plan for success that fits your life while you purse a Master of Divinity degree at our diverse, welcoming seminary community.

Use the contact form to learn more about our MDiv program and the other benefits of enrolling at Central Seminary.

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