Peace Training at Central with the Buttrys

Do you wish to empower people in your church to deal creatively with conflicts in their homes, in the congregation, and in your communities in a way that glorifies Christ?  Do you want to put the teachings of Jesus into practice in your conflicts?  Do you want to practice and teach “the things that make for peace”?

Dan and Sharon Buttry, Global Peace Consultants, will be co-facilitating a 10-day intensive Training of Conflict Transformation Trainers, August 7-16, 2018, at Central Baptist Theological Seminary.  This training will be the first major program for the new Buttry Center for Peace and Nonviolence.

Participants will learn skills and tools for teaching the dynamics of conflict, conflict resolution, mediation, dealing with diversity, personal styles in conflict, power dynamics, transforming initiatives, working to bring about change, trauma and trauma healing, and reconciliation.  Special attention will be given to experiential education and how to develop your own tools and workshops.  Throughout we will use the Bible to explore conflict transformation as well as practice spiritual disciplines as a learning community.  The training will be intense, fun, challenging, dynamic, and life-changing!

Further information will be available soon, including how to register and about scholarships for people needing assistance.  There may be academic credit options available, as well as CEUs.  Stay tuned!

PROD: 1547941178