FOUNDATIONS Judson Communities

A new branch of the FOUNDATIONS program is aimed at pastors and leaders of churches serving recently resettled communities of people in the US coming from Burma.  Karen, Chin, Kachin, Karenni and other ethnic groups can all trace their Christian legacy back to Adoniram Judson and other pioneer Baptist missionaries.  Judson’s legacy lives on and this certificate level program aims to help the pastors and church leaders better serve their newly established communities as they live and worship in the USA.

Pastors and church leaders among the resettled refugees have particular challenges.  The people they minister to have experienced traumas that forced them to leave their original homes, have lived in refugee situations in Thailand or Malaysia, and are undergoing adjustment, language and generational difficulties.  The pastors have been trained to serve churches in a southeast Asian village setting but now find themselves leading a congregation in the heart of an American city and working in factories all while learning an unfamiliar language, culture and legal environment. 

The goal of FOUNDATIONS Judson Communities is to help pastors and church leaders bridge the cultural gap, offering classes in the language they understand the best.  A total of 11 classes are offered monthly over the course of a year at a cost of one class for $50 or $500 for the entire program.  A Certificate of Ministry will be awarded at completion of the full course schedule.

The latest FOUNDATIONS Judson Communities course will be in Utica, NY starting on March 23 and ending in November 2013. Look for the course overview, application, and schedule in the links below.



FOUNDATIONS Judson Communities Overview and Backgrounf - Utica, NY

FOUNDATIONS Judson Communities Course Schedule - Utica, NY

FOUNDATIONS Judson Communities Application - Utica, NY