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For over 120 years, Central Seminary, headquartered in the Kansas City metropolitan area, has lived out its mission, equipping and empowering present and future ministry leaders to serve God, humanity, and all creation.

Through innovative programs and expert faculty, students are prepared to craft compelling visions of love and hope, to lead in times of change, and to form community through sharing and healing.

At Central, students become transformative leaders with a distinctive creative vision. Each is called to live a more meaning-full and dynamic life through prayer, compassionate work and empathic action.

Graduate Degrees


Central offers Master's and Doctoral degrees in English and Korean for present and future leaders. Learn more about our programs in ministry, theology, chaplaincy and counseling.

Certificates & Diplomas


Certificate and Diploma programs provide personal and professional development training. We have programs in English, Korean, and other languages.

Lifelong Learning

평생 교육

Educational opportunities exist for anyone wanting to explore their faith for personal and spiritual formation. Audit a class or participate in a workshop to enhance your knowledge.

Programs in Korean


Central offers many Diploma, Master's and Doctoral degrees fully in Korean. Learn more about this unique program offering.

Let's Connect

Our team at Central Seminary is ready to help you. Complete the contact form and our team will be happy to discuss your educational and vocational goals. Whatever your background, we can help you find the right pathway to your goals.


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