Corey Fields

I am passionate about leading "the church on the move."

Corey FieldsMy joy is to see followers of Christ actively engaged in using their gifts, and blazing trails in effectively reaching the world with the transforming power of the gospel. As a servant leader of Christ's church, I want to do for others what my leaders and mentors did for me: facilitate that transformational connection between life on the ground and scripture/theology.

I see the Christian faith as a journey, a way of life. Many people can affirm that "church" is the people, not the building, but were that to become a reality in how we actually function, the church would be transformed. I'm fond of using the designation "follower of Christ." As I read the gospels, the essence of the call of Jesus is action: going, sending, doing.

My passion for the "church on the move" and my apparent attraction to new ventures is why the Doctor of Ministry program at Central Baptist Theological Seminary seems to be such a fit. Central and I seem to share a commitment to a healthy church that answers its calling and fulfills its mission. Not only that, but Central is embarking on its own new journey in many ways, including the new Doctor of Ministry program. I have never been one to "wait it out" and go where things are "more established." I am thrilled to be among the first batch of students to embark on this journey with Christ, his church, and CBTS.

I am excited to do more academic reflection and practical work in a context like a D.Min program that is intentional and systematic, yet grounded. I hope for my church and others to learn and gain more from my work than even I do. I hope to play a part among those who are blazing trails and seeking to discern where God is headed next.