Jim Whitaker

While I had just come back to faith and was starting to grow in my home church, First Baptist Church Murfreesboro, I had never envisioned going to seminary.  In need of spiritual growth and understanding, everything pointed me in that direction; however, our family is a single income family with four children.   My job was crucial and I could not see how I could possibly attend seminary. 

Just when I thought that there was no hope, I was surprised by a flyer about a seminary that would be housed in my church.  I found out that classes would be done in intensives on Friday night and Saturday and that Jim Whitakerthe tuition was subsidized through the generosity of grants. I finally got it all together and started my seminary journey at Central Baptist Theological Seminary - Tennessee.  

This format allowed me to complete my degree without missing any work or taking too much time away from my family.  At the same time, I was able to develop an understanding of how to apply the skills from seminary to my sense of calling as a marketplace minister and allowed me to find ways to execute this ministry. After completion of seminary, my home church ordained me and blessed me in this calling. 

I am extremely grateful for Central for the work it has done in my life by providing a thought provoking broad theological education.