From Military Officer to Military Evangelist: ByeongHo Lee’s Story

ByeongHo Lee is a 55 year-old MDiv student from South Korea in his third semester of study at Central. After 32 years of serving as an army officer in S Korea, Lee retired and believed that he would live as a retired officer the rest of his life. However, God had something else in mind. He was called to bring the Gospel to the young people in the military and began studying at Central Seminary. In Korea, where every male of a certain age is required to serve in the military, not many retired military officers would choose this path. It would mean he was very dedicated to following what God was calling him to do.

ByeongHo Lee found, as he became immersed in his studies, that the difficulties related to the language barrier, navigating a new culture in a new country, and the financial challenges were weighing him down.  For several months he wrestled with why he had chosen such a difficult path for himself.

Then last fall he took the Ministry Ethics course with Rev. Seung John Lee:

I realized that I have an important mission for not only, South Korea, but also for North Korea. I need to learn God’s vision, so that I can spread God’s word as I have been called to do. I realized that it is not about my success, but it is about successfully serving as the Lord’s minister. I learned that God’s love is reflected in the life of the cross.

In addition, thanks to the GREEN Scholarship for students in the Korean Programs, Lee received help with his financial difficulties.

I could settle down and devote myself to serving God – attending church services regularly and having a quiet time for Bible study and prayer.

ByeongHo Lee has continued to complete courses and continues to sense God’s clear direction as he is spiritually formed, especially through classes like Christian Ethics and Formation for Christian Ministry.

I still have a lot to learn about theology as a minister in training, but I can now clearly see where God is leading me.  I will continue to face the challenges in front of me. I am proud to be an MDiv student at CBTS. I am grateful.


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