Living What We Learn

Helping students identify ways to apply their classroom experiences to real world ministry contexts is one of the cornerstones of Contextualized Learning.

This process of applying information learned in class to the real world was explored at the Conciliation Chapel that occurred on Monday, February 15 on Central’s main campus. The theme of the chapel was “responsibility” and all who were present were asked to identify ways that they could take responsibility for applying their academic experiences to a process of conciliation in their own communities.

Here are some of the answers that were given:
• “I can acknowledge my responsibility to mentor those that would benefit from my life experiences.”
• “We can all encourage our congregations to participate in the More2’s Honest Conversations about Race in order to help build greater awareness of structural racism.”
• “I can help my congregation get involved in settling Syrian Refugees.”
• “I can take responsibility for being a leader and servant who represents the presence of God for those in need.”
• “I can teach my children to love and serve God.”

May we all find ways to live what we learn here at Central Seminary.

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For information about sharing a ministry opportunity or internship opportunity with Central students, or finding out about internship and ministry opportunities, please contact the Director of Contextualized Learning, Terrell Carter, at or (913) 667-5728.

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