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Offered in English or Korean to students around the world

Throughout the DMin program, you can gain the knowledge, personal insight, and the performance skills that deepen the spiritual and missional formation in your ministry practice. Opportunities for self-assessment and engagement with others are designed to strengthen your leadership skills and enhance your ability to empathize with others. As a result of our dynamic DMin program at Central Seminary, students can grow naturally into their next ministry roles. Many of our Doctor of Ministry students are already serving as ministers, chaplains, and other faith leaders. Throughout the program, they are able to apply the learning outcomes from their coursework in their current role as they learn. 

In the Doctor of Ministry focusing on Missional Church Studies program at Central Seminary, students will learn best-practice methodologies for strengthening congregational health that align with classical theological disciplines. Upon completion of the Doctor of Ministry program, students should also be able to apply research methods to effectively analyze various aspects of their ministry. The DMin program is not meant to be an “end” to your spiritual education, but a catalyst for continuous improvement. A primary focus of the program is to inspire personal, spiritual, and professional growth that is everlasting and unique to each individual.

The goal of the capstone project and dissertation process is to help you prepare for your next chapter in ministry. Throughout your education, you will work with instructors to develop the concept for your project, which will be based on your goals. Instructors will be there to provide guidance and mentorship as needed throughout the process.


Schedule 일정

Students take two courses each term.

1학기에 두 과목씩 수강하게 되고 한 학기에 한 번 캔사스 샤니 캠퍼스에 모여 집중수업과정을 수료해야 합니다.


Length 기간

The program can be completed in three years, including one year for your project dissertation.

논문과정 1년을 포함해 총 3년에 걸쳐 목회학 박사 과정을 수료하게 됩니다.


Cost 비용

Students get advanced leadership training at an extremely affordable tuition rate.

센트럴 목회학 박사과정 학생들은 매우 저렴한 가격으로 높은 수준의 리더십 교육을 받는 혜택을 누리게 됩니다.

Purpose & Outcomes 목적과 결과

The purpose of the Doctor of Ministry degree (DMin) is to provide advanced, practical theological education for experienced ministers, chaplains and other faith leaders who hold the Master of Divinity degree or equivalent.
센트럴의 한국어 목회학 박사 과정은 MDiv 학위를 가진 한국 문화권 목회자, 사제, 그리고 믿음의 지도자들에게 우수하고 실용적인 신학 교육을 제공하는데 그 목적을 두고 있습니다.

Outcomes 결과

  1. Utilize social‐scientific research methods to analyze appropriately ministry situations and develop practices conducive of congregational health.
    사역 현장에 걸맞는 사회과학적 연구방법들을 사용하고 회중적 신학에 실질적 도움이 되는 실행법 개발할 수 있다.
  2. Use best‐practice methodologies employed by the classical theological disciplines to critique ideas, beliefs, and practices in terms of their implications for congregational health.
    회중적 신학과 연관된 사상, 믿음, 실행법들을 비평하기 위해 전통적 신학 연구에 바탕을 둔 최상의 실용적 방법론을 사용할 수 있다.
  3. Demonstrate high proficiency in the art of ministry praxis and leadership that contributes either to healthy faith communities that are missional in nature or to pastoral care that holistically develops healthy individuals and families.
    선교에 목적을 둔 건강한 믿음 공동체와 개인과 가정을 전인적인 방법으로 회복시키는데 도움을 주는 신학 실제와 리더십을 매우 적절하게 활용할 수 있다.
  4. Demonstrate commitment to continuing growth in personal, spiritual, and professional maturity.
    개인적이며, 영적, 또한 전문인으로서 끊임없는 계발과 발전에 중점을 둔다.
  5. Acquire essential skills for mentoring new generations of leaders and equipping them for healthy practices of ministry.
    다음 세대 지도자들을 양성하고 건강한 사역 이행에 있어 필요한 기술들을 습득한다.

Courses & Schedule 교과 과정과 일정표

Languages Offered In: English or Korean
언어: 한국어

Program Length: 30 credits - 2 years of coursework plus 1 or more years for the dissertation project
기간: 30학점 – 2년 간의 정규수업과정과 1년의 논문과정

Calendar: Two 15-week semesters per academic year
일정: 일 년에 2학기제 (한 학기는 15주)

New students can begin in any Fall or Spring term.
신입생 입학은 가을학기 혹은 봄학기에 가능합니다.

Courses 개설강좌
DM601 Orientation to the DMin Program 오리엔테이션
MC604 Special Topics in Missional Church (Prolegomena for the M.C) 선교적 교회 특강
MC606 Congregational Development of New Faith Communities 선교적 교회 개척
DM609 Missional Church and Incarnational Theology 성육신 신학
DM602 Missional Leadership: Theology and Practice 선교적 리더십: 신학과 실제
MC605 Creating Mission-Minded Congregations 선교적 교회로의 전환
MC602 Mentoring, Coaching, and Learning Communities for Missional Ministries 선교적 사역을 위한 멘토링, 코칭 학습 공동체
MC607 Transformational Ministry and Adaptive Change 변형 사역과 적응적 변화
MC614 Missional Church Theory and Practice
DM610 Research Method and Project Design 연구방법과 논문설계
DM611 Project Dissertation 논문
DM Project Dissertation Continuation 논문 진행

Tuition & Fees 등록금과 기타비용

Tuition - $490 per credit
등록금 – 1학점 당 $490

Registration Fee - $300 per term
행정비 – 한 학기 당 $300

Dissertation Fee - $850 at start of dissertation
논문비용 – 논문 첫 학기에 $850

Graduation Fee - $250
졸업식 비용 - $250

(Amounts shown are for academic year 2020-2021 and only represent basic costs. Consult the current academic catalog for complete financial information.)

위에제시된등록금과기타비용은 2020-2021년도학비 기준이며 기본적인 비용만 포함되어 있습니다. 더 상세한 설명은 안내서에서 찾아보실 수 있습니다.

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John S. Park, Ph.D.
Director of DMin. Program
Des Peres Chair of Congregational Health


Start your application anytime. Applicants must have a Master of Divinity degree (or its equivalent) from an appropriately accredited institution and a minimum of three years of experience in their ministry context after receiving the MDiv. The application deadline is November 1 each year. All applicants will be interviewed by the admissions committee as part of their application process. Students participating in the English program for whom English is not their first language are required to demonstrate their English proficiency, and this process may include taking the TOEFL.

Ready to Earn Your Doctor of Ministry Degree?

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If you want to learn more about the Doctor of Ministry program at Central Seminary, contact us today . We can help you understand the enrollment process, review your qualifications, and financial aid options. We hope to be a part of your spiritual path as you seek to serve humanity through ministry service.

센트럴 신학대학에서 제공하는 목회학 박사학위에 대해 더 알고 싶으시다면 지금 contact us 양식을 통해 연락주십시오. 지원자격여부, 입학, 수강신청, 장학금 혜택 등에 대해 알려드리겠습니다. 사역을 통해 인류를 돕고자 하는 여러분의 영적 여정에 센트럴이 함께 하겠습니다.

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