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A Reflection from Central Alum MiSook Kim


#IAmCentral because I have a vision for world mission.

김미숙학생은 하나님의 목회로의부르심에 대해 3년간기도한 후에 이사야61장1-3절의말씀을 통하여 “가난한자들에게 아름다운 복음을전하리라”라는 각오로목사 안수로의 부름을느꼈다. 목회학 석사과정때도 안수에 대해여러 사람의 격려를받았고, 목회학 박사과정에서도 안수를 생각했지만그녀는 하나님의 확실한부르심을 받기를 원했고그것을 놓고 기도했니다. 존경하는 목사님이 함께사역을 하지 않겠느냐는제안을 했을 때그 제안을 받아들였고, 목사 안수를 위해기도하기 시작했다.

미국의여러 교단들처럼 한국의많은 교단은 여성에게목사 안수를 하지않습니다.여성 목사안수를 하는 교단들은비교적 최근에 그렇게하기 시작했고 여성목사 수는 남성목사의 수에 비교할때매우 부족한상황입니다. 설사 목사 안수를 받는다 해도 청빙을 받기가 힘듭니다.

김미숙 디민 학생은 이제 개혁장로회한미연합 총회의 안수를 받은 목사이다. 이민자로서의 그녀의 경험뿐만 아니라 본인이 부름받은 것을 하기 위해 신학대학원에서의 학업을 통해 본인이 어떻게 준비되었는지를말하였다.

“본교에서의 1주일 집중 수업을 하는 동안 여러 나라 친구들과의
글로벌한 예배와 글로벌 학습의 밤 및 신앙의 교제를 할 수
있었습니다. 이러한 수업들과 행사들을 통해 저는 사역 준비를 할
수 있었고, 세계 선교의 비젼을 가지게 되었습니다.”

After praying for three years about God’s call on her life, MiSook Kim felt called to seek ordination with the intention of “proclaiming good news to the poor,” inspired by Isaiah 61:1-3. She had been encouraged first as an MDiv student and then, as she has continued in the DMin program, to seek ordination, but she wanted to be sure God was calling her to ministry and prayed to that end. A greatly respected pastor asked her to minister with him, she accepted, and then began praying about seeking ordination.

As is true for many denominations in the US, many denominations in Korea do not ordain women. Those who do have only recently begun doing also, and still the numbers pale in comparison to the ordination of male pastors. Those who do become ordained find it difficult to find ministry positions.

MiSook Kim reflected on her experience as a student:

“In this rapidly changing world, particularly in the U.S. where I have lived an immigrant’s life, I was empowered in my missional church course to better understand and empathize deeply with the various challenges immigrants encounter, as well as learning how to share the gospel with them.”

After overcoming many obstacles, MiSook Kim is now an ordained minister in the Reformed Presbyterian Church Korea-America General Assembly. Besides the books she read and the encouragement of faculty, she cites seminary events which also prepared her for this time:

“During intensive week-long seminars, I participated in global chapels and “An Evening of Global Learning” and fellowshipped with people from other countries. These classes and events prepared me for ministry and gave me a vision for world mission.”

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