#IAmCentral – Jermine Alberty

A Reflection from Central Alum Jermine Alberty, Executive Director of Pathways to Promise


#IAmCentral because I offer theological hospitality and value diversity.

I am a Central Alum class of 2012, a member of the first CREATE Cohort and a humble and proud recipient of the Peace and Justice Award. I am so honored to share a moment of how Central prepare me to lead. When I graduated eight years ago, I knew I was part of something special, revolutionary, and life-changing, and even today, I continue to draw from what I have learned from Central.

Central has equipped me to minister to all people and prepared me to lead in any arena of life. Central taught me to love everyone and to engage the world with a global perspective of us. I gained a greater appreciation of the diversity in all of God’s children; Central deepened my faith. Even my children say that Central made me a better father, and that’s a lot when your children see the transformation your seminary education has made in your life.

Central prepared me to lead in the faith, not-for-profit, and corporate communities. Central, provided me with a plethora of invaluable tools to lead Pathways to Promise, a faith-based not-for-profit, creating wellness ministries across the United States. Central sharpened my entrepreneurial skills, skills I use every day as the owner of SALT Initiative, where we serve, affirm, love, and transform individuals and communities.

My ability to be theologically versatile, a result of my Central training, has enabled me to blend faith and spirituality into Mental Health First Aid, a national mental health literacy program.

And after reading hundreds of books in my seminary journey, I was inspired to co-author the book Bottled up Inside: African American Teens and Depression.

In conclusion, Central is a family, a community, and an incubator for change. I encourage you if you are looking for a place to start or continue your learning journey to choose Central, and I would also encourage you if you are looking for a place to sow a financial seed that is no better place than Central, for it, is good and fertile ground. My friends, Central, is Ready to Lead.

Together, We Are Central

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