#IAmCentral – Cynthia Saddler

Reflection from Central Seminary Alum Cynthia Saddler, Founder of G.L.O.W. (Girls Leading Our World)


#IAmCentral because I believe in empowering women. You GLOW girl!

Cynthia Saddler (MDiv 2014) graduated from Central fully equipped to take her creative ministry serving at-risk girls to the next level. Girls Leading Our World, Inc. (GLOW www.glow-inc.org) is her passion in action. While studying at Central, Cynthia came to understand that ministry can take on many forms and that work in service to others outside the traditional church walls is ministry. Not only that, but she began to reconcile her call to ministry with her social work vocation as integrated and complementary rather than mutually exclusive.

Central prepared Cynthia to manage multiple priorities and to persevere through difficult times. She recalls how managing intense class work while juggling numerous other responsibilities and life changes was itself preparation for this year’s many challenges. Lessons in balance and boundaries equipped her to prioritize self-care and encouraged her to seek support when she needs assistance. She learned that to truly be of service to others she had to make time and space to care for herself.

Cynthia has taken these critical lessons from her formation at Central and applied them to her important work in the community. Learning to serve and partner with individuals that are diverse in ideology, theology, and belief systems was perhaps the most important. She offers, “At Central I was surrounded by people with such vast differences which helped open my understanding of other views and helped me accept that differences can actually bring people together.” This understanding is foundational as she leads GLOW and serves her community.

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