Higher Learning Commission Approves Ten-Year Accreditation for Central Seminary

In September 2018 a team from the Higher Learning Commission spent three days assessing all institutional processes of Central Seminary. The members of the team reviewed governance, finance, mission fidelity, educational programs, regulatory compliance, and employee guidelines. For the first time since the seminary’s original accreditation in 1977, the Higher Learning Commission has approved Central for 10-year accreditation. Previously, the longest term has been for five years. Central met all the concerns, and only one follow-up report on institutional finance is required.


Central Seminary’s leadership team and faculty members meet with representatives from the Higher Learning Commission in September 2018.


Provost Robert Johnson said, “The team was impressed with the relevance of our seminary, our educational programs, our facilities, delivery system, faculty, and staff. HLC representatives observed the unity and ownership of all parties, including the board, and reflected on our capacity to hold diverse theological perspectives, global constituents, and differing educational levels together.”

Johnson also remarked on ways in which HLC prompts the seminary to attend to institutional effectiveness. He stated, “This report signals significant progress and the benefit of this kind of comprehensive study.”

President Molly T. Marshall stated, “I commend the good work of Dr. Johnson and the academic team, as well as the seminary Treasurer for his guidance of the financial reporting. I believe this strong affirmation of the school ensures continued strength in Central’s mission.”

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