I teach church music and worship. I came to Central as an answer to prayer, and give thanks for this excellent opportunity to be a faculty member here. I prayed hard to put my faith on rock-solid ground. I believe in the relationship of my biblical perspectives to my music. My professional specialization can be summed up as a dialectic combination of theological optimism and personal skepticism. I have unconditional faith in His salvation. Because of my faith's unconditional nature, I believe, as a professional, I should remain skeptical as to whether I live His word and will.

I always keep two Cs in my mind in teaching at a seminary: commitment and competence. The two Cs are not given and have to be learned. The learning curve should be resolutely stiff. Commitment and competence are interdependent and, at the same time, separate. Uncommitted competence can turn into arrogance and laziness. Incompetent commitment means underperformance. The lack of a delicate balance between the two Cs can adversely influence a community. Both commitment and competence should be articulated and are mutually uplifting. As such, I should train students in knowledge and faith. Church music void of knowledge is basically a niche genre that will not go beyond our faith base. Church music without faith is just worldly.

Faith-based composition will become a routine for them. My teaching method is not easy but will be highly rewarding in faith and competence because it will help students reaffirm their faith and further develop their skills. I always work hard to encourage my students to find their missions by emphasizing the elation associated with the gospels and the praising of our Lord. I help them to realize their mission of spreading the words of Jesus to our mundane world.

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