Disruptive Innovation: Can the Seminary Save the Church?

The 2018 Voice contains essentially 5 stories that explain further the ways that Central’s mission is being met through disruptive innovation, which in turn is suggesting how the Seminary can save the Church.

1 – Focusing on mission is the key to redirecting the energy from growth in numbers to growth in discipleship. Central’s focus on relevant mission prompted new life and reversed decline.

2 – Growth is occurring in ethnic congregations, and Central embraces that reality.

3 – New churches will take new form, and entrepreneurial skills are necessary, which Central teaches.

4 – Churches that cultivate a culture of calling and model healthy ministry will see more viable ministry candidates. Central will renew its covenant with churches to identify those whom God is calling.

5 – How Central needs the help of our friends to sustain this work

Each of the stories includes several other stories of students, alums, and seminary colleagues. If you would like to know the fuller story, click on the links below.

Focusing on Mission Is Key

Peace Training Set to Begin at Central in August

“Central is thrilled to be hosting this intensive peace training.  There are plans for this to be the first of many such events for the Buttry Center, here in the U.S., as well as possibly in other parts of the globe. FULL STORY

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Central Doctor of Ministry Graduates Encourage Innovative Ministry

“In all of these settings and as the focus for his dissertation, Martinez has been looking for ways to redefine the metrics of ministry – how is success defined in this age when the traditional metrics seem to point to the demise of the church?”FULL STORY

Learn more about the Doctor of Ministry Program

Jessica Williams’ Vision for Central

“The movements of people calling for change in societies around the world is shifting.  And it is from this place of constant movement that institutions of theological education are called to formation and education of pastors, prophets, and agents of change.” FULL STORY


John Park’s Vision for Central

“In a learning community, mistakes and experimentations are welcome. If we do the same things the same way again and again, we’ll lose our edge.” FULL STORY 


Embracing the Reality of Growing Ethnic Congregations

Leadership in a Multicultural Context

“As the world has flattened, in the words of Pulitzer Prize winner Thomas L. Friedman, we are more connected than ever.  Lightning swift advances in technology and communication put people all over the world in touch as never before.  Intercultural exchange is always fraught with possible missteps, and respect and patience go a long way.” FULL STORY

Prem’s Story

I’ve been thinking and praying about how to do missions effectively in the rapidly changing social and religious climate of Nepal. I decided to start running a Korean language institute for Nepalese young adults who want to work in Korea.”  FULL STORY

Central Doctor of Ministry Graduates Encourage Innovative Ministry – Lal Pek Lian’s Story

“Lal Pek Lian, who is from Haka City, the capital of the Chin State in Myanmar, has been living and serving as a bi-vocational pastor of Chin Baptist Church in Milwaukee while finishing his studies. He is working on developing spiritual formation as a discipleship model among people of Myanmar – both immigrants in the US and those who live in the Chin State.” FULL STORY


Teaching Entrepreneurial Skills Leads to New Forms of Church

Jost Uses Entrepreneurial Skills to Connect Church with Community

“Cultivate, Inc. began partnering with the Adult Residential Center to provide, in addition to job training, a life skills component similar to that of the Strengthening Families program.” FULL STORY


Central Alums Lead Church in Reaching Community

“All ministry happens at FBC Turner through an intentionally designed process called Caring Connections. The underlying principle of these ministries is long-term relationship that leads to transformation. FULL STORY


Rakmi’s Story

“In times such as this, where there are lot of fears and suspicion of people like me, Stitching Change, in its own small way, expresses the faith that, if we try to see each other as human beings rather than the other, we can co-exist, and maybe even learn from each other what it means to be human.” FULL STORY



Dionne’s Story

“For me it all began to come into focus during one of my first courses at CBTS, Hebrew Bible. Dr. Hartsfield taught us much about the literary meanings and interpretation of Hebrew scripture throughout this course. I truly began to appreciate the fact that the Bible teaches us about God’s genuine love for everyone. All of the fake news and mis-teachings that invaded my mind and spirit about not being loved and accepted by God, began to unravel and diminish.” FULL STORY


Art as Disruptive Innovation

“The use of art can potentially effect change in the way people see the world. Practicing art in a faith context can be a tool for disruptive innovation.” FULL STORY


Creating a Culture of Calling and Healthy Ministry

Dezo’s Story

“Today, December 2, 2017, marks our three years since we first met. Three years later, I can say meeting you was one of the best things that ever happened to me. I am so thankful to have you in my life.”  FULL STORY


Central Helps Prospective Students Discern God’s Call

“Are you asking yourself whether God is calling you to a new chapter in your life? Do you know someone who is considering a call to ministry? We are looking for participants for our future discernment group.”  FULL STORY


ABC Clergy Discover Courage Is Primary for Financial Leadership

“What financial tools and practices prepare ministers for thriving? This was the primary question for my recently completed Faith, Finances, and Flourishing research project that sprang from a confluence of systemic financial challenges that currently plague the 21st Century church.”  FULL STORY

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