Discovering Central Seminary Just Got Easier

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Discovering Central Seminary Just Got Easier
Shawnee, Kansas, March 27, 2017

For those who are seeking a way to follow God’s call and want to find a great place to become prepared, Central Seminary has launched a new one-page online recruiting site. The sole purpose of the page is to introduce Central’s academic programs. A simple design focuses prospective students on that page for basic information to get them started in the process of discerning their next steps.

Paired with digital marketing methods, the site allows prospective students to find Central easily while doing websearches around key words, such as “seminary,” “master of divinity,” “online,” or “theological curriculum.”

Through easy online forms accessed on that page or phone calls made to a dedicated admissions line, the site invites inquiries that can be tracked easily. Although Central has tracked such information along the way, this plan is more intentional and will help to provide seamless connections from initial contact to a successful student experience – one that begins even before a student is actually a student! The research generated by this data will also support a commitment to the component of the seminary’s strategic plan related to research and data analysis.

The site was launched in early March and includes general information about the seminary’s mission and values, basic degree information, how Central approaches financial support, as well as a section on frequently asked questions.

Vice President for Marketing and Community Engagement Francisco Litardo shared his vision for the new site:

This exciting partnership between the academic department and the newly created Marketing and Community Engagement role at Central will yield new opportunities to engage potential students in a dynamic way, allow us to live out a robust student success plan lifecycle, and to adjust to marketing opportunities through the use of data generated by search engine marketing.

Visit to discover how Central is a new generation seminary that offers an innovative way of doing theological education for a new era.

About Central Seminary

Founded in 1901, Central Seminary prepares women and men for seeking God, shaping church, and serving humanity. Central is proud to have the first woman president of a Baptist seminary accredited by the Association of Theological Schools (ATS). With course offerings in a dozen locations and serving more than 30 Christian denominations, the Seminary is Baptist in heritage and ecumenical in practice. Central was recently named one of the top 12 fastest growing theological schools in the ATS, as well as a Seminary That Changes the World by the Center for Peace and Justice. In addition, The Auburn Center for Theological Education identifies Central as one of the “Bright Spots of Theological Education,” a place where risk has met with success. For more information, visit

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