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“I am a part of the Women’s Leadership Initiative and became so through much doubt, uncertainty, and determination. Being a part of this process has taught me that I have to trust that God will be in charge of the details and reveal them to me when I need to know them. I don’t know what will come of it, but I know that it will be enriching, challenging and will help me grow – everything that I prayed to God that I wanted.”

                        —Jordan Milan, MDiv student in the Women’s Leadership Initiative
                            at CENTRAL Tennessee

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“Central says ‘come let us reason together’ and is a place where people are not afraid of questions, of open discussion, and of scholarly pursuit. As people of faith, it is our call too, and we feel honored and privileged to join in this creative unique work to which Central is committed. With the influence of Central graduates and faculty around the world, maybe someday that kind of creative, inclusive work won’t be so unique.”

                        —Jackie Moore Baugh, Eula Mae and John Baugh Foundation

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“The Doctor of Ministry program through Central Baptist Theological Seminary has made a significant impact in my ministry. I started the program as a local church pastor and will end as an Associate Executive Minister. At both stages in ministry, the D.Min has given me improved tools and resources, increased learning experiences, and a tremendous support network I would not have otherwise. When other seminaries are struggling to survive, Central continues to thrive by making the necessary adjustments to assist, resource and equip students to engage a new paradigm in ministry.”

                          —Nathan Marsh, DMin student and Associate Executive Minister
                              of American Baptist Churches Central Region

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“I like to consider Central Seminary’s revised Master of Divinity curriculum with an image drawn from the arts. The curriculum provides a palette of new and innovative courses that students use as they creatively paint upon the canvas of their vocations.”

                         —David May, Professor of New Testament , Director of Online Curriculum
                            Design, & Director of MA(Theological Studies)

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“As I look back on my journey, I can see that God has been leading me the whole time. [removed the second sentence] When my plans failed, God led me closer to Him. Finally, God has led me to Central. It gives me comfort to realize that God is in charge, and I am enjoying the journey.”

                         —Andy Oh, Diploma student living in Chicago

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“Through my ministry with the homeless I realized what God truly wants from our worship. I believe that the genuine revival of worship will begin when we serve and love the marginalized and poor as Jesus did.”


“나는 이번 홈리스 사역을 통해 하나님께서 원하시는 예배가 무엇인지 확실히 알게 되었다…. 진정한 예배 회복은 소외되고 가난한 자들을 예수님처럼 섬기고 사랑하는데에서부터 시작된다고 믿는다”

                        —Eunho Lee, MDiv student in the Korean Program

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