Central Seminary Coronavirus (COVID-19) Communications

UPDATE June 12, 2020

The seminary continues to offer online only classes for the Easter term and will make a determination soon regarding Fall/Ordinary term classes.  Seminary leadership is discussing operational plans for how and when to re-open physical spaces to all employees and students.  As part of that work, phases of re-opening  have been outlined.  (see link below to the phased operations plan)  We are currently under Phase 1 in which only essential staff are allowed on location.  Anyone who receives approval to come to the campus will be required to observe physical distancing, wear a mask, and check-in at the entrance.  Anyone who has engaged in personal travel will need to submit the Personal Travel Questionnaire (link below) to determine access to the campus.

Phased COVID-19 Operations Plan (pdf)

Personal Travel Questionnaire (pdf)

UPDATE March 23, 2020

Hello Students,

I hope you are well even during ongoing events affecting the people across the globe and in your neighborhoods.  Prayers for the health and safety of you and your loved ones.

Considering the ever-widening threat that the coronavirus (COVID-19) poses to public health and safety, the seminary has closed the campus and all extension centers to physical class meetings for the remainder of the Lent term.  All students and faculty members that have been joining the class through physical presence at a location should join the rest of the class through Zoom.  This is effective starting Monday, March 23rd until the Lent term is over.

For students and faculty members that have been participating in/facilitating classes through Zoom, you will continue to do so.

Access to the physical library on the Shawnee, KS campus will not be available until further notice.  However, library services will continue for students and faculty in the following ways:

  • Library services will be available in conjunction with normal hours. Be aware that these hours will adjust once the term is over.
    1. Phone – Patrons can call 913-667-5725 or 913-667-5729 and leave a voicemail. Librarians will monitor these messages throughout normal hours and return your call.
    2. Email – Patrons can continue to email with any questions.
    3. Live Chat – The hours of live chat are being expanded. Patrons can communicate with a librarian through live chat sessions throughout normal hours of operation.  The chat option can be accessed through a widget on the library website homepage (
  • Requests for printed materials can be submitted to the library. Librarians can provide scanned copies of printed materials within copyright restrictions.
  • Patrons can monitor the library website for information updates.

Further inquires regarding library services can be directed to library personnel using the contact information provided above.

Any student or faculty member needing assistance can continue to email to generate a support request.

Thank you for your understanding in these trying times.  Stay tuned to your seminary email and CBTS social media for continued updates regarding scheduled events and the upcoming Easter term.


Stephen Guinn, M.Div., Ed.S.
Associate Dean of Instructional Support and Student Success
Central Baptist Theological Seminary
913-667-5709 direct line



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UPDATE March 6, 2020

To mitigate the potential harm to members of the CBTS learning community, the following guidelines are provided.

At this time, all face-to-face classes will continue as scheduled.  Should it become necessary to change course schedules or the delivery of classes, the seminary will send a notice to affected students and faculty members.


Travel Abroad

All seminary-related international travel is suspended until further notice.  Any student or employee that travels internationally does so at their own risk and may face restrictions on their return to the US, including self-isolation/quarantine for up to 14 days.

Any student or employee returning to the US from international travel should stay away from classes and school activities for 14 days.

Students who live overseas but plan to travel to the US to participate in a course should contact their Program Director immediately.  Your travel is not recommended.  Alternative arrangements for course participation and degree completion may be required.

If a student gets sick…

If a faculty member gets sick…

If a staff member or administrator gets sick…

If a student or employee has been in contact with other persons who have a confirmed case of the Coronavirus…

Collecting information…

The Office of Student Success will collect reports of sickness within the seminary community to monitor the impact of the Coronavirus on educational programs.  Professors and Program directors should contact the Associate Dean of Instructional Support and Student Success to ensure the information becomes part of seminary reports.

Ongoing monitoring of the Coronavirus…

All members of the seminary community are encouraged to stay informed using reputable sources.  CBTS administration will continue to check CDC guidance.  Program Directors/Site Directors will check guidance from local health departments and inform administrators of changes to information.

Guidance for F-1 students…

USCIS guidelines state that F-1 visa students must take a full course load and that up to 3 credits of online courses can be counted toward a full load.  At this time, USCIS has not provided any change to that guidance in relation to the spread of the virus.  A student who gets sick from the Coronavirus should request a medical leave of absence but must provide a note from a medical doctor. (M.D. or D.O.)

Reputable sources for further information…

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

World Health Organization (WHO)

Johns Hopkins University Coronavirus Mapping

NEW PROD: 1611458699