Central Takes Steps to Ensure Student Success

Lyle guides a prospective student around our Shawnee campus introducing him to the faculty and staff. Jessica sits with an international student from Myanmar, helping him fill out the necessary documentation to maintain his student visa. Nathan meets an applicant for coffee to talk about her call to pastoral ministry. Mary stays well into the evening to make sure that new students from across the country successfully sign into the virtual classroom. Steve reviews a scholarship application and decides to offer a scholarship that will put seminary education within the reach of another future pastor. This is a day in the life of the Office of Student Success, a team of professionals at Central Baptist Theological Seminary who are dedicated to making the student experience here personal, relational, and formative.


Central’s Student Success Team. (From left to right) Nathan Huguley, Recruiter, Stephen Guinn, Associate Dean for instructional support and Student Success, Mary Kim, Academic Resource Specialist and Jessica Williams, Registrar and International Student Officer. Not in picture Lyle Kraft.


The world is changing, and so is the way in which we offer seminary education. A couple years ago, we began offering both of our masters degrees and our diploma program online. There is a temptation with online education to allow it to be depersonalized and disembodied. Central is committed to making our online theological education global, personal, and horizonal. The Office of Student Success is one way in which we are providing the personal attention that each student needs. Do you know someone who is discerning a call to ministry or non-profit leadership? Consider referring him or her to us. They will be welcomed and treated as an individual, and they will receive the help they need to answer their call.

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