Central Seminary Appoints New Leader of Doctoral Studies

May 30, 2017

Dr. John Park (far left) with recent graduates of Central’s Korean Program

During the recent Central Seminary trustee meeting, the board voted to appoint Dr. John Sungchang Park as the Des Peres Assistant Professor of Congregational Health and Director of the Doctor of Ministry Program.  His work with the seminary will begin on July 1.

Dr. Ircel Harrison, who has been serving as the interim director of the doctor of ministry program, said this about Dr. Park’s appointment:

Dr. Park brings both strong academic training and professional experience to this position.  In addition, he has an approachable presence and encouraging spirit that will serve him well as he works with students and faculty.

Dr. Park, who earned his PhD in leadership studies with a ministry concentration from Dallas Baptist University in Dallas, Texas, this May, has been serving as the site director for Central Seminary’s Dallas site since 2016. He has also served as an adjunct professor for that site since 2015 and for Dallas Baptist University since 2012. Dr. Park also served as coordinator of the doctor of ministry program for Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, Texas, from 2001-2005.

In addition to teaching and administrative experience, Park has considerable ministry experience. Since 1999 he has held youth and associate pastor positions for churches in Texas and California, as well as filled the role of Executive Consultant, Marketplace Chaplains, in Plano, Texas, from 2014 to the present.

Dr. Terrell Carter, Director of Contextualized Learning and Assistant Professor of Practical Theology for Central Seminary, led the search process for the position and had this to say about Dr. Park:

I am pleased that the search process led us to Dr. Park. As we spent more time with him, it became clear that he possessed many of the traits that we hope our doctoral students would exhibit. He brings to the position a tangible enthusiasm and willingness to do what is in the best interest of the seminary, a willingness to be a life-long learner, the ability to communicate and network with multiple people groups, and a desire to be a servant leader. I think that the seminary as a whole will be blessed through his service as Director of the Doctor of Ministry program.

Dr. Park expressed enthusiasm for his new role:

I am very excited to be part of and to serve the Central community, which President Marshall recently described as global, personal, and horizonal.  I want to be able to incarnate the Central spirit as the new Doctor of Ministry Director and assistant professor. I want to connect with and learn from all of my colleagues, I want to grow as a follower of the Triune God, and I want to lead through serving, communicating, and innovating.


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