Central President to Be Christian Voice for Distinguished Voices Interfaith Event

President of Central Dr. Molly T. Marshall will serve, along with Rabbi Donniel Hartman, president of the New York and Jerusalem based Shalom Hartman Institute; and Imam Abduallah Antepli, chief representative of Muslim affairs, Duke University, as members of the discussion panel for “Peace in the Middle East: Inspiring Voices and Stories – Faith Leaders and Millennial Change-Makers,” at 4:00 p.m., Sunday, February 28. The event, hosted by The University of North Florida, The Atlantic Institute of Jacksonville, and the Interfaith Center at UNF, will be held in the Adam W. Herbert University Center, on the University of North Florida campus, as part of the Distinguished Voices Lecture Series.




This faith-based civil discourse about conflicts in the Middle East, particularly between Israel and Palestine, will explore the role faith communities may play in resolving the conflict. Young voices will be speaking about their hopes and aspirations as members of a faith or other values-based community often divided over the intractable conflict between Israel and Palestine, the rise of extremist groups such as ISIS, the treatment of religious minorities and the divisive rhetoric that may have driven a wedge between communities here in the U.S. and Jacksonville.

Additionally, student leaders from Jewish, Christian, Muslim and Secular Humanist groups will serve as panel respondents. The event will be moderated by Melissa Ross, host of local NPR station, WJCT’s, “First Coast Connect.”

The mission of the Interfaith Center is to engage the UNF campus around religious pluralism and provide distinctive programs and services for students to voice values, engage with others, act together and become a leader.

The program will end with a group exercise called Talk Better Together (https://www.ifyc.org/resources/talk-better-together) where audience members in pairs will be asked to reflect on what they heard and what they can do to improve relationships between Jews, Muslims, Christians, and people of any other worldviews.

In addition, panelists will appear on a local NPR radio show, “First Coast Connect,” on Monday, February 29, at 9:00 am. You may listen to the live broadcast here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/first-coast-connect-wjct/id955923243

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